50 Cheap Ways to Market Your BusinessPromote, promote, promote!

Once you’ve set up your business, the harder aspect comes in — how to market your business.

If you don’t have problems with budgeting, you can go as grand as you want in marketing your business, but when you have limited budget, you resort to cheaper ways to leverage your resources when promoting your product.

Usually, with small businesses, you don’t have the luxury of money to spend on marketing as you might want to just spend it on updating your products. And with the advent of technology that has become more handy, marketing your business is now easy and cheap. Here are 50 ways for you to market your business on a shoestring budget.

1. Create a Facebook Page for your business.

2. Create an Instagram Page for your business

3. Get business cards made up and make sure you hand them out to everyone you know.

4. Create a Twitter account.

5. Create a Linkedin Account for your business.

6. Create a Linkedin Profile for you as the business owner.

7. Post photographs of your products and staff on social media every day.

8. Write a letter of introduction and email it out to all the people you admire.

9. Join local business clubs and Facebook pages and groups to talk to other business owners in the same space. (Shameless plug: Check out our new FB group, Tenacious Business Development )

10. Send a handwritten note to your idols together with one of your products.

11. Follow influencers on social media that you admire, and interact with them.

12. Create a blog feature on your website to address frequently asked questions about your product.

13. Invest time in taking beautiful photographs of your products.

14. Send thank you cards to your clients.

15. Work with other same-sized businesses to offer giveaways.

16. Ask your customers for testimonials and list them on your website.

17. Create a website for your business.

18. Make flyers or brochures about your business and distribute them.

19. Organise a group with non-competitive business in your area and agree to cross-promote.

20. Volunteer to be a speaker and speak about the importance of the benefits of your product.

21. Talk to the media and arrange a deal to promote your product.

22. Ask for customer referrals.

23. Ask customers for their email address where you can send information about your product.

24. Give coupons that entitle customers to discounts for your products.

25. Regularly update your social media accounts.

26. Offer a free trial or a sample of your product in return for a review or mention.

27. Participate in trade shows and rent a booth where you can sell your products.

28. Give incentives to customers present and past.

29. Use stickers or magnets of your product and brand that can be placed in cars or fridge.

30. Put your brand name and contact number in your little giveaways such as fans, tumblers, pens, etc.

31. Create an attention-grabbing tagline for your brand or product.

32. Make a video about your product and upload it on YouTube.

33.  Sign up for the Help a Reporter Out (HARO) email list

34. Arrange for an advertisement on a phone message that plays your promotions during calls that are on hold.

35. Use window decals with your latest offers on your retail shop.

36. Send birthday coupons and rewards to people in your mailing list.

37. Make a publicity stunt that the media might be interested to capture.

38. Do charity events like free food for the homeless or any charity work while promoting your product.

39. Get some business cards made up to hand out as often as you can!

40. Use Facebook Live to promote your products.

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41. Make a press release about your product.

42. Paint your brand on your car.

43. Print your brand on your shirt when promoting your product.

44. Start an affiliate program so others can promote your products.

45. Start a contest.

46. Reward your loyal customers and feature them every month.

47. Use Google Pay Per Click ads and Facebook ads to advertise your product.

48. Sponsor a community organisation or local sports team.

49. Know your customer’s needs and update your product.

50. Join your local chamber of commerce and small business groups.

50 Cheap Ways to Market Your Business

Do you know other cheap ways to market your business? Share it with us!

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