Why Cashback Sites are Killing Content Creators

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Why Cashback Sites are Killing Content Creators

If you love the internet and consume content – stop using cashback sites!

If you love reading any content on the internet, and you also use cashback websites – you are ruining the internet and putting content creators out of work – and you probably don’t realise it!

Why Cashback Sites are Killing Content Creators

Content Creation Costs Money!

Most informational websites, video content producers and podcasts go to a lot of time and money to provide good quality content and experiences for you to use – totally for free. Because you see, they don’t sell products that people can buy – they talk about products in exchange for a commission. But the thing is, producing this content takes equipment, time and money. 

The smallest blog still needs to have a website, hosting fees and different subscriptions at the least to make content for you to enjoy.  

Anyone that has ever tried to start a business online can tell you that it isn’t cheap to start.

The way that these content creators can recoup the costs it takes to produce the content is through affiliate marketing.  They recommend a product, you go buy it – they get a cut.  Easy.  It’s a win/win situation. And it means you can continue to enjoy the content for free and content creators can continue producing the content you love!

But then comes the Cashback Cowboys

Everyone shopping online wants to get a great deal on online purchases, but when you go to the trouble of reading online reviews and consuming content on different products only to then pop over to a cashback site – sure, you might get a few dollars in return… but you are taking away any potential financial benefits that the content creator has done to get you to purchase in the first place.

No. Instead, the cashback site takes every cent of that potential commission.

Who cares? It’s not my problem!

Because the attribution of the sale has been taken away from the content creator, and given to the cashback site, content creators aren’t able to produce more content for you to enjoy.

And as more and more cashback and rewards websites grow in popularity – you are going to see your favourite websites slowly disappear.


That’s Why Subscription Models Are Now a Thang

So if you are cursing that all your favourite websites are now going to a subscription model – this is why!

And the sad thing is that the public as a whole doesn’t really want to pay for content.

What You Can Do About It

If you read a review or about a product online, and have taken the time to make a purchase on the recommendation of an online platform, support them by following the links and making the purchase.

Look at the end of the day, it’s up to you, the consumer what you want to do. But perhaps knowledge of how content creators make their money and how easily it is taken away will make you think when you make an online purchase.

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