Week 1: Mumcentric Consumer Trends To Take Advantage Of

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Week 1: Mumcentric Consumer Trends To Take Advantage Of

Welcome to Week 1 – and our very first edition of ‘Mumcentric Consumer Trends’.

What is a Mumcentric Consumer Trend?

We analyse our data and show you all the emerging consumer trends for what Mums are buying and talking about online.

These topics are expected to trend and grow in the next six months – giving you a head start if you are starting a business and need an idea of just what Mums will spend their money on.

Where Do We Source our Statistics?

From our own website! Stay at Home Mum has been a leading parenting website in the Australian space for over 10 years. We don’t sell our data to third parties – instead we analyse our data to share it with you!

Topic 1: Melatonin Sleep Gummies

  • Searches Per Month: 110K
  • Growth: 1420%

Sleep is perhaps the most important facet of a Mum’s life – both her own sleep quality and her family’s sleep. With 40% of the population reporting difficulty falling asleep and the search for ‘healthier’ or ‘more natural’ ways to treat our bodies, Sleep Gummies have seen a huge rise in popularity – and that popularity is set to explode.

Sleep Gummies are available over the counter – which also increases their popularity and convenience.

The sleep supplement industry is forecasted to reach $1.4 BILLION dollars by 2023.

Currently, the biggest brands on Melatonin Gummies include: Natrol Melatonin Sleep Aid Gummy, Fall Asleep Faster, Stay  Asleep Longer, 100% Drug and Gelatin Free, Non-GMO, 5mg, 90 Strawberry  Flavored Gummies : Health & HouseholdNatrol

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| Stay at Home Naturals

Topic 1: Rice Water Shampoo

Rice water has been used to make hair soft and manageable for hundreds of years. Rice water has been proven to improve the strength, texture and growth of hair.

As consumers are more focused on natural ingredients, the rising trend of ‘old remedies made new’ are emerging in the beauty products that we use.

At this stage, only small boutique sellers of Rice Shampoo can be found online. Expect to see this consumer trend explode in the next six months.

Topic 3: Cricut

  • Searches: 40K per month in Australia
  • Growth: 1640%

Cricut Machines have been huge in the ‘DIY Craft’ sector for a few years now, but expect it to become a household appliance in the next couple of years.

A Cricut Machine works similarly to a printer, but rather than printing, the Cricut uses a small blade to ‘Cut out designs’ on either paper, t-shirts, plastics or even wood.

Read More: Where Can I Buy a Cricut Machine?

Cricut Joy Lifestyle 7 | Stay at Home

Stay tuned for next week’s list of Mumcentric Consumer Brands.

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