How to Approach A Social Media Influencer to Promote Your Brand

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How to Approach A Social Media Influencer to Promote Your Brand

How to Approach a Social Media Influencer to Promote Your Brand

If you are a small business with a new product looking for someone to help you promote your product, or a large multi-national company looking for a brand ambassador, taking the step to approach a social media influencer can be somewhat intimidating for the first time.

We will show you how to go about finding a great influencer for your brand, what to look out for, questions to ask and even a ‘mock email template’.

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Check out the Landscape and See Who You Like

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, start following a few different types of accounts and see what you like or don’t like about that person.  Take note of any sponsored posts and see if you like how they convey that message across to the audience.

Think of it as a reconnaissance mission – going undercover to find a promoter for your brand.

Choose an Appropriate Fit for Your Brand

There is no point in finding an influencer who is into fitness and bikinis if you are selling soap.  You need to find the right influencer for what you are talking about.  Start following hashtags for your own business.  For examples, if you own a soap company, start following Instagram hashtags like #soap #soapmaking etc.  That way you will find people in your niche that you never knew existed.

Don’t get your heart set on a single influencer, shortlist three or four – before you start approaching them.

Remember it is up to the influencer to decide if they want to work with you – or not.  So get a range of influencers and then start reaching out.

Social Media Influencers Aren’t Scary – We Do This For a Job

Never ever think that a potential influencer you wish to work for will be offended by you contacting them. You – a potential client, are their bread and butter – they are approached all the time.

But not all influencers will work in exchange for product.  Of course, you can ask them – that’s no problem. But larger influencers can’t pay the bills with moisturizer or tanning cream.  So expect in return a media kit that will spell out their fee for promotions. But if they are professional – they will tell you this nicely!  If an influencer ever responds to you in a rude or disrespectful way, they obviously haven’t been in the influencing game long.

Paid or Free Influencers – What’s the Difference?

Influencers who will work in exchange for free product are usually the smaller, up and coming influencers or microinfluencers.  Even though you are providing free product, they are not obligated to post about the product or even talk about it.  You also have no say on the look or feel of the final images unless you have a contract in place.

As they say, you do get what you pay for!!

Paid influencers can guarantee work and outcomes (or will work harder to produce those outcomes), and will provide reports on traffic and clicks.  They will also be happy to sign an agreement between both parties and what each expects. You can also critique their work and images and have a say in the final look of the advertisement.

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Note:  Always Have a Contract

One complaint against influencers I see again and again is that free product was sent to the influencer, and they didn’t do anything in return.  This is the difference between paid and free influencers.  Always have a contract between parties outlining the following:

  • Timeline of the advertising agreement
  • What is expected of both parties
  • Costs involved (including or excluding GST) and payment terms
  • Whether they are ‘exclusive’ during the period of advertising

Don’t send free product out to an influencer without an agreement in advance as to what that influencer will do with that product.

Sample Email of requesting product in exchange for exposure:

Dear (insert name here),

My name is (insert your name here) and I work for (insert name of your business here).  I produce (insert name of product here) and am looking for exposure in exchange for social media exposure on your Channel/Page.

Would this be something you might consider?

A bit about my business and product (no longer than one paragraph).

I have included my contact details below.  The product I would be happy to send to you in exchange is (name what you intend of sending) at a cost of (insert recommended retail price of products).

I look forward to speaking to you about this opportunity.

(include contact details)

Sample Email of a Paid Campaign:

Dear (insert name here),

My name is (insert name here) and I work for (insert name of your business here).

I am seeking your interest in a paid sponsorship opportunity for promotion of my product (insert name of product here).

A bit about my product and company (include details here).

I have a budget of up to (insert budget here).  Can you please give me a breakdown of where your followers are from?

Can you please advise what promotions I may expect to receive with this budget.

I look forward to hearing from you further.

(include contact details)

Lists of Reputable Bloggers and Influencers to Work With:


More lists coming soon!

Any other questions about approaching influencers, please drop us a line!


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