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We put together a list of the most reputable drop shipping companies all over the world.

These are the biggest and best Drop Shipping companies on the planet. If you are new to drop shipping, it is the next big thing in online sales for Australia – and it is good news for mums who want to start their own business!

Drop Shipping is selling someone else’s product, and having that product be shipped from the warehouse – directly to the customer.  So you don’t need to buy it, store it, sell it and then post it – all the work is done for you and you just pocket the difference.

It is fantastic for Small Business Start Ups that don’t have the cash to buy stock!

List of Most Reputable Drop Shipping Companies Around the World | Stay at Home Mum

Drop Shipping has been around for quite a few years and is big in the United States but is only really gaining traction in Australia.  One of the biggest problems with drop shipping in the past was the unreliability of suppliers and the long postage times. However many of the larger drop shipping companies have really upped their game and have become trust worthy online.  Today I’m going to list those who have had the staying power and now have the reputation in the drop shipping community as reliable, good value for money and timely with their postage.


Nothing in life is free.  Many of these companies do have a monthly drop shipping fee for working with them – I’ll explain all of their pricing below!  It is much like joining a Drop Shipping Club.  The companies are doing this to ensure that the suppliers stick around for the long haul!


Wholesale2B has over one million Dropship Products to choose from. Wholesale2B does integrate with loads of programs - whether it be Ebay, Shopify, Bigcommerce or your own Dropshipping Store.  You can set your own mark-up on products!

Wholesale2B chooses from products from the Amazon website!


You do need to sign up to a membership plan to start dropshipping.

Products of Wholesale2B:

Wholesale2B has a huge array of products from Fashion, Electronics, Pet Supplies, Baby Products, Home Decor, Exercise and Fitness, Perfumes, Health and Beauty Items.

Pro's of Wholesale2B:

Has the best shipping options of any other dropshipping company.  Features that are included in the membership are excellent for inventory management, exporting products and direct integration with Amazon and Ebay.  It has over 1.5 million products to choose from.

Con's of Wholesale2B

Although it might seem expensive, Wholesale2B actually has some great plans.  They can even design a Dropship Website for you!

Factory Fast

Factory Fast stock Furniture, Games, Outdoor Furniture, Toys, Travel Goods and Baby Products. Not only do they drop ship, you can also become a reseller of their products.  Now there is no membership fee - but their products are fairly limited unless you are into the above niches.

They are Australian based.




SaleHoo has the very best selection of products for Drop Shippers - their list is HUGE.  Now they do have a $67 per year membership fee which I balked at at first, BUT they do have a 60 day guarantee so I totally think signing up and having a good look around at their products - then if it isn't for you - just get your money back - easy.  The membership gets you access to their drop shipping supplier directory, members forum and all the research that will help you become a successful drop shipper.

SaleHoo have more quality products for drop shipping than most of the others.

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Simply Wholesale

Simply Wholesale drop ship electronics, home and garden, health and beauty products and tools and equipment. However the very best items they sell are fashion accessories - items like watches, hats, bags, sunglasses - and they have some really great brands such as Adidas and UGG.  Now their range is far from extensive, but if you are just dipping your toe into the business, they can be a really good start.

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Image result for oberlo logo

Oberlo is perhaps one of THE most reputable drop shipping companies to work with.  I have used it personally - and it is simple to use - simple to add products - and they have a really good range of 'stuff'.  Products are very easily imported into your Shopify Store (ohh yes you need Shopify to use Oberlo..) and you can choose the mark ups on each product you put in your shop. Once your customers purchase a product, Oberlo will ship the product from their warehouses all over the world, directly to your customer.


Women's Fashion, electronics, toys, beauty, trending products.

Pro's of Oberlo:

If you are new to drop shipping, they have loads of help, ebooks and support.  The platform is really easy to use - even for beginners. They have a huge range of products to choose from in nearly every category you can imagine!

Another big advantage is that Oberlo does all the fulfillment services for you - so they will grab the product and will post it to whomever you wish!  Of course you need to allow for postage costs in the prices you set.

Con's of Oberlo:

Oberlo can only be utilised through a Shopify Store.  Now I highly recommend Shopify for Drop Shipping anyway as it has so many in-built functions to make your life a whole lot easier. Like most drop shippers now, they have a fee if you are wanting to scale up - and if you can - I highly recommend it!


Oberlo has three different payment plans, the starter (which is FREE), the Basic ($29.90 per month) and the Pro ($79.90 per month).  However on signing up you do get a free 30 day trial!

DH Gate

DH Gate is another of the HUGE companies that have worldwide factories to get products to your customers. Their motto is 'Buy Globally, Sell Globally'.

Their ranges includes:

  • Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaid Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses, Mother of the Bride Dresses, Cocktail Gowns
  • Phones and Tablets
  • High-grade hair extensions
  • Designer Kids Clothing
  • Home Decor


Colourblocker are Aussie and make Drop Shipping really easy with step by step instructions on how to go about listing and purchasing products for your clients. The types of products you can drop ship from Colourblocker include:

  • Kitchenware, Bakeware, Mugs, Food Storage and Preperation
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Electronics, Tech
  • Baby Friendly Products
  • Health and Weight Management Products
  • Pet Products

They also list the items that are trending at the moment so you can see exactly what is selling right now and get on that bandwagon!Image result for colourblocker

Dropship Australia

Dropship Australia has been around since 2005 - although they don't themselves sell any products, they offer a suppliers directory, membership forum and online business community for support and training for your drop shipping business.

They charge an annual membership of $97.00 to have access to the Supplier Directory.

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Brands Distribution

Brands Distribution is the place to go if you are interested in Fashion Drop Shipping. They have 500,000 products from 120 fashion brands ready to be delivered and it is free to subscribe to their newsletter.  They offer drop shipping at 60% of the retail price with high-quality fashion brands such as:

  • Michael Kors
  • Versace
  • Gucci
  • Burberry
  • Addidas
  • Pierre Cardin
  • Laura Biagiotti
  • New Balance
  • Armani

They do have a minimum order amount and you need to sign up as a member before you can access stock which is about $110 per membership (they are based in London but ship to Australia!).

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Worldwide Brands

This is another large brand that doesn't offer drop shipping products, but a list of suppliers for a fee.  Worldwide Brands hand picks the suppliers they work with to ensure that they and their suppliers maintain a good reputation - even more so for smaller businesses who can't afford for their suppliers to let them down. They guarantee that their suppliers are Spam Free, secure, authorised and promote that they only choose the best of the best of the best!

They also have WBI Certification which means that they do factory tours to know each supplier and do a very extensive qualification process to ensure they are a top supplier in that market.

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Image Source: Vollusion


Doba (like Oberlo) is a product sourcing website that finds reputable suppliers to send your customers products via their drop shipping programs. Unlike other sites, Doba handles your products automatically. You choose the product from other sites, then they let you choose which file format when exporting them, the products go into your inventory and you can sell them to other sites like eBay, Amazon, Rakuten or Facebook.

One of the big advantages of Doba over other Dropshipping Stores is that they have more luxury brands.  They have Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Nine West, Garmin and Apple.


Apparel, Automotive, books, electronics, entertainment, health, home, kids, sports.

Doba has a 'Best Selling and Trending' area too - so you know exactly what is selling well at the moment!

Pros of Doba

Doba is very, very organized when it comes to product sourcing. They manage their data really well, and once you become a member, you can get instant access to 2,000,000 wholesale products easily and efficiently! There are also analytical tools set for you to look into your performance.

Doba just like Oberlo offers guidance and education to help their members become successful. They do this by providing their members with resources like guides, infographics, and white papers. They also have their own drop shipping blog and provide regular updates.

Cons of Doba

Doba's packages are very, very expensive! Their pro plan is 2-3 times higher than Oberlo, which is really pricey.

Doba Pricing

The membership plans have three categories, basic, advanced, pro and if you have already established your business empire, you can contact and negotiate them at the same time. The number of SKUs you get depends on the plan you choose.

Tiny Deal

Image source: Dealslandsuk


Tiny Deal is a Hong Kong based company which provides worldwide services. They are an online store that sells cheap electronics products but with great quality. Tiny Deal is great for people who are starting out at a dropshipping business at almost no cost!

Tiny Deal Products:

Mobile Phones, Computers, video games, sports and equipment, home tools, jewelry and watches, gifts and party supplies

Pros of Tiny Deal

The membership registration is free and the drop ship price is affordable. On top of that, you can avail of discounts depending on the orders you received.

Cons of Tiny Deal

One of the drawbacks in Tiny deal is that most of their suppliers are from China and some are known for their fake or copyright infringement products which really sets a bad image. In addition, their shipping takes more than 35 days which is not really good. But if you want to try at this site, then why not?

CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is like Tiny Deal but in drop shipping, the membership and the services are free! It was established in 2000 in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province in China by Andy Lou and his wife Lynn. You can use CJ Dropshipping with Shopify, WordPress, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

Pros of CJ Dropshipping:

CJ Dropshipping services is absolutely free! there's no monthly fee when you set up. Their add on services are also affordable!

Cons of CJ Dropshipping:

There are other reviewers from Reddit saying that this site has terrible customer service and takes away your products after two weeks. Read the reviews here

Pricing for their platform

When avail for an add on services, you pay for:

  • $50 each product for video shooting
  • $0.1/product for custom packing
  • $20/product for photos
  • $0.2 for custom outer plastic packing


Image Source: CJ Drpshipping

Sunrise Wholesale

Image Source: Sunrise Wholesale


If you want a big drop shipping platform with years of experience and has already established their presence, you're just in the right place! Sunrise Wholesale is founded in 1999 and has over 30,000 products in 20+ Categories. You first set up your website or sell on top platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay and big commerce, then you pay for the wholesale price when a customer orders, and they will ship it out for you! Guaranteed customer service as they have already sold products from top brands like Gucci, Sony, Versace, Apple and many more!


Accessories, Automobiles, Bath and Body, Bulk Buys, Candleholders and etc.

Pro's of Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale dropship items right to your customers! They have an Amazon Selling and Research Manager which provides updates on amazon, packed with an analytical tool, track number and status, and inventory reporting.

For eBay users, they have a Listing Wizard and Research Tool which is similar to Amazon Selling and Research Manager. In addition, they integrate their website with Shopify and Big Commerce when you become a member.

Image Source: Sunrise Wholesale

Con's of Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale membership is a bit pricey. It's even higher than Doba for starters. They also don't provide guides from starters and etc. In addition, they have limited products when compared to other drop shipping services and charge you with $20 when an item is returned! There are also reviewers saying that they have bad customer support!


You can choose two options for payment, monthly and yearly


Mega Goods

If you want to join the trend on selling electronic products and just starting out, then this is for you.  Mega Goods provides quality services, especially in handling and shipping electronics products. It was founded in 2004 and has a lot of distribution channels since then.


Accessories, Alarm Clocks, Watches, and etc.

Pro's of Mega Goods:

Their website might be dated but is very organized and simple. They promote quality over quantity and has international shipping

Con's of Mega Goods:

Their website is dated, and so with their drop shipping services when compared to other sites. They don't offer tools and other stuff that are the current trends in other websites.


Their monthly subscription cost only $14.99, which is lower than the other sites but they have $1.5 additional fee per order which is really pricey.



AliExpress is one of the most famous drops shipping site today. It was founded by Alibaba Group in 2010 as a B2C platform for Chinese companies to sell to foreigners. This portal is the same as a tiny deal where you list your product and that's for free.

Pro's of AliExpress:

Just like Tiny Deal, AliExpress offers no cost when you start as a seller on their site.

Con's of AliExpress

You get a lot of competition when it comes to pricing. When a customer sees the same product with the lower price and you're the higher, you're at the disadvantage. Also, there are a lot of untrusted suppliers in AliExpress. They copy your product, manufacture it in low quality and sell it on the lower price.


AliDropShip is from Alibaba provides you with drop shipping websites packed with SEO and Social Media Marketing tools to ensure you get the customers you want and earn more! What's popular today is their plugin. Their plugin is WordPress based and integrates with Woocommerce if you choose to. Before, it was used as a plugin for AliExpress but it can be used for Woocommerce.

Pro's of AliDropship

The Plugin is easy to use. It has unlimited access, that means you can add more products as much as you want. The Website, on the other hand, can be customized with the themes you want and the tools you can get depends on the type of package you avail.

They also have guides and resources just like Oberlo and Doba and offers customer support when you're stuck

Con's of AliDropship

The price for packages is higher than other drop shipping companies. In addition, there are two plugins which is very much the same except for the WooCommerce feature. Also, there are other reviews that when you integrate WooCommerce with your site, it becomes very messy.


The Plugin only cost $89.00 while the website hosting has different packages: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate

Wholesale Central



Wholesale Central is a B2B directory to connect wholesalers and suppliers. It's the same as AliExpress and TinyDeal where you sell your product on their website if you're a supplier, but if you're a retailer you'd have to contact the supplier yourself

Pro's of Wholesale Central:

Just like Tinydeal, Ali Express and other platforms, the membership is totally free. They also provide product sourcing tools to help you find great suppliers. Unlike Ali Express and Tiny Deal whose costumer complaints are that some of the suppliers create fake products, Wholesale Central doesn't. They screen their suppliers thoroughly to assure an honest and better transaction.

If you're a wholesaler, they offer advertising tools, listing tools and SEO tools and other selling tools

Con's of Wholesale Central:

The downside of Wholesale Central is that they don't have automatic tools for buying the products from suppliers. You have to contact them manually via emails and telephone calls. Also, there are fewer suppliers in this website.


Membership might be free but there are fees in using their services if you are a supplier. It all depends on what kind of services you choose, the price varies.

Have you decided which drop shipping company is right for you?

List of the most reputable dropshipping companies | Stay at Home Mum

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