List of Private Label Clothing Suppliers

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List of Private Label Clothing Suppliers

If you are wanting to go into starting your own line of fashion, but don’t have a background in fashion designing or sewing – Private Label Clothing is the way to go!

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Private Label Clothing
  2. Why Would I sell Private Label Clothing
  3. What to Look for in a Private Label Clothing Manufacturer
  4. Australian Private Label Clothing Suppliers
  5. China Private Label Clothing Suppliers
  6. Other Places to find a Private Label Clothing Supplier

What is Private Label Clothing?

Private Label Clothing is essentially buying a line of clothing that has no branding or ‘blanks’ directly through a manufacturer or wholesaler – and then branding them as your own.  Yes, it is totally legal provided you aren’t infringing on any trademark or patent risks.  Private Label Clothing is how many of the huge clothing brands work.  

Why Would I Sell Private Label Clothing?

The advantage of Private Label Clothing is that you are selling your own brand rather than other people’s brand.  So you are essentially putting your name on the clothing you are selling.  It gives you good brand recognition and would set you apart from smaller boutiques that sell a variety of branding but have none of their own.

Having your own brand of clothing also allows you more variance with the pricing.  No one else has your brand, so you can put whatever price you like on your clothing stock.  As if you are selling clothing with the original tag, your customers could shop around for the cheapest price and go elsewhere to purchase.

Private Label Clothing

What to Look for in a Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

First of all, you want a quality product – so always get a sample product and examine it carefully.  Is this going to fit in with your brand?  

You will also need to consider Minimum Order Quantities.  How many pieces of clothing is the manufacturer’s minimum to buy?  And can you afford that minimum quantity?  The larger the manufacturer, usually the larger the minimum quantity to buy.

Our tips when looking for a private label clothing manufacturer:

  • Check the Minimum Order Quantity
  • Check the quality of their garments
  • Order a sample first
  • Check out online reviews to check for reputation from others
  • Ask for detailed shipping costs and information on importing or customs costs
  • Lead times for manufacturing (if any)
  • Is there a discount for bulk orders?
  • Will they make any modifications to the clothing if you request it
  • Where is the garment produced?

Private Label Clothing

List of Australian Private Label Suppliers

1. Activewear Manufacturer

Activewear Manufacturer is a wholesaler and manufacturer of activewear clothing. They offer a private label service for their fitness apparel with the best wholesale pricing and they offer a discount on bulk orders.

2. Alanic Clothing

Alanic Clothing are the largest clothing manufacturer in Sydney. They have helped dozens of brands build their own label of clothing and they offer product sampling and private label bags.

3. Apliiq

Apliiq works by removing the label from the clothing you are wanting to sell, and will sew your new label onto the clothing.  A bit of a different take on traditional private labellings.

4. Contrado

Contrado is a ‘cut and sew’ clothing manufacturer who offers a white label or private label solution to those wanting to have their own fashion line.

5. Four Fashion Australia

Based in Melbourne, Four Fashion Australia offer low minimum order quantities (80 units per colour/per style), in custom prints and sizing with beautiful exclusive fabrics and colours. Their style is ‘Modern Bohemian’ and the company is run by sisters Denise and Nelli.

6. Linens Unlimited

Linen’s Unlimited work on a trade-only basis (that is if you are a retailer or business owner alrady) and you will need to create an account to be able to see their products. They offer private brand label service for their loungewear and pyjamas that are high quality and ethically sustainable.

7. OCC Apparel

OCC Apparel is the fashion distributor of brands such as Stanley Stella, Earth Positive and Fair Share. They keep a good range of stock and can re-label t-shirts for private label manufacturing.

8. Hot Springs

Hot Springs designs, sources and manufactures apparel for many of Australia’s leading fashion brands. They are based in Alexandria in Sydney and focus on kids fashion and licensed apparel.

List of China Based Private Label Suppliers

The advantage of of seeking out a private label clothing supplier in China is that it is affordable and they have low minimum order quantities. Here is our list!

1. Berunwear

Berunwear is a sportswear supplier and manufacturer that offers a private label service to worldwide clients. They have cycling wear, running apparel, team uniforms, activewear and more.

2. Yaroud

Yaround is a full service clothing manufacturer that also does private label clothing.

3. X-Company

X-Company is a China-based private label clothing supplier established in 2004. They design and manufacture women’s clothing and deliver worldwide.

Other Places to Search for a Private Label Supplier

If our lists don’t turn up the perfect clothing manufacturer for you – there are other ways to find one. Here are some ideas:

1. Go Through a Wholesale Directory

There are loads of wholesale directories around that will give you lists of low-cost suppliers. We recommend Salehoo as the best. They have a list of over 8000 wholesalers and over one million products from every country in the world. They do have a cost to join to see the list, however. BUT! We have negotiated a deal for you – one week’s joining fee for only $1. Grab the offer here –>

Stay at Home Mum Offer:  Only pay $1 for a One Week Trial of SaleHoo

Dropshipping in Australia | Stay at Home Mum

2. Visit Clothing and Fashion Trade Shows

Trade Shows are a wealth of information as to what type of fashion is trending at the moment, what’s new and new suppliers. Here are some of the biggest and best trade shows to check out:

Fashion Exposed Now is an Australian fashion buying event. The next one will be held in February 2022.

Start Up Fashion has a list of all the fashion trade shows (especially in the United States)

N’ Tradeshows has a list of all the Fashion Trade Shows in Australia.

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List of Private Label Clothing Suppliers | Stay at Home Mum

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