Start a Small Business Marketing Business

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Start a Small Business Marketing Business

You don’t need a degree in Marketing to do some small scale work in Small Business Marketing for local businesses in your area.  If you have loads of contacts, nifty ways of promoting a business and loads of get up and go – you can become a Small Business Marketer. If you are Tenacious, a good people person and can think outside the square – you are perfect for this type of small business.

Best of all – this is a business that you can start for less than $100!

How to Start a Business in Small Business Marketing

What Does a Small Business Marketing Business Actually Do?

A Small Business Marketing Business is a small business (usually one person) that will do all the promotional and advertising work for a small business. Their job is to get the business more sales, build their profile and put them on the map. Small Marketing Businesses are usually ‘local’ as larger businesses tend to use Social Media Marketers over a larger area.

Examples of the types of job a Small Business Marketing Business would do include:

  • Writing, Designing and Preparing ads for the local papers
  • Taking care of the businesses social media promotions
  • Thinking up new ways to promote the business
  • Prepare email marketing plans
  • Setting up a basic website for selling the clients products such as Shopify
  • Organise competitions and promotions
  • Apply for applicable business awards
  • Writing rich blog content to improve SEO
  • Do helpful videos to entice customers to purchase

A Small Business Marketer will usually have to have reliable transport too to visit all the local small businesses to discuss their needs.

Small Business Marketing

Niche Jobs Within Small Business Marketing:

On a basic level, Small Business Marketers could:

  • Set up and run the business Facebook Page and Instagram Account
  • Start a Twitter Account under the name of the business and Tweet discounts and deals
  • Write blog posts
  • Set up a Google Listing (free) so people can find the business online
  • Take photographs and videos to upload on social media accounts or Youtube
  • Preparing advertisements for the local newspaper

And Small Business Marketing can get a lot techier too with other jobs:

  • Conducting market research
  • Data Analysis
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Make and Create Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Companies
  • Logo and Branding Design
  • SEO Optimisation (Search Engine Optimisation)

What You Will Need:

If you have a computer, a diary, a phone and ideally a vehicle – that’s it. And most people have those already so there isn’t really any financial outlay at all! A colour printer would be an added bonus or find a cheap printer to do up flyers and promotion products. Otherwise find a good printer online (there are loads of inexpensive and quick printers available now).

How to Get Clients for Your Small Business Marketing Business:

Approach small businesses with your rates and a business card.  Look at places like pubs, small corner shops, bowling alleys or skating rinks.  Think about what is the best way to promote their business and put together a one-page marketing plan on how you would go about it.

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How to Write a One Page Marketing Plan

A one-page marketing plan is a perfect way to drum up new business. It really is stating to a business how you would go about promoting them so that they see value for money in your services. The marketing plan should include the following:

  • Who is the demographic of their business
  • What is the goal of the business (more sales, exposure etc)
  • What channels you will use to market their business
  • The cost of marketing (including your fee)
  • How long the marketing plan will go for (2 months, 6 months, 12 months etc)
  • The expected return on their investment

Other Talents to Add to Your Business

You can run online competitions to increase the visibility of your client’s business. We recommend Short Stack to run your competitions, you can run giveaways, photo contests, hashtag contest, video voting, instant wins and spin the reels.

Join our Community!

We have a secret Facebook Group called ‘Earn at Home Mum’ where we share more of our Small Business Secrets. It’s FREE to join! Come over and say hello and find a mentor in your area!

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Start a Small Business Marketing Business | Stay at Home Mum

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