20 Best Unconventional Ways to Make Money

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20 Best Unconventional Ways to Make Money

Have you ever stopped in the middle of your living area, clutching a pair of inside-out flipped pockets, exclaiming, “There’s got to be something I could do to make a fast couple of bucks!”
Well, sometimes I do too!!

20 Best Unconventional Ways to Make Money | Stay At Home Mum

I’m sure you’d appreciate some additional spending money! It’s something you could put in your piggy bank or spend it on a trip of your dreams. Everyone might benefit from a little extra cash!

So, if serving customers at your local pizza parlour isn’t your cup of tea, or stocking shelves at Woollies, try something a bit different. There are several unconventional ways to make money if you don’t want a side hustle that would tire you to death.

So, here are the 20 Best Unconventional Ways to Make Money

1. Sell Your Hair

You may be surprised to find a sizable market for human hair! The fun fact is most wigs and extensions are made from human hair.

There is a huge demand now for hair extensions, and as this demand grows, so does the demand for hair. So, if you have long, virgin, and luscious locks, you may earn a lot of money! Several websites connect persons looking to sell their hair with others looking to buy it.

The price you will get depends on your hair’s thickness, hair length, colour and condition. You could expect to make between $20-$2000.

Here is where you can sell your hair:

20 Best Unconventional Ways to Make Money | Stay At Home Mum

2. Sell Your Used Underwear

Most people have their own fetish, right?! Well, you can make money out of it! If you watched Orange Is the New Black you would know that there is demand out there for used underwear. And buying used underwear is particularly popular in Japan.

Yes, it is gross and yes it is a fetish. But hey – it is unconventional!

If used undies aren’t your thing, there is also a demand for used pantyhose, socks, bras, and other worn apparel items. Try out a few various sites to see what is selling.

Websites to look at for selling used underwear include:

20 Best Unconventional Ways to Make Money
100 Alternative Words for Anus | Stay at Home Mum

3. Use a Metal Detector on the Beach

Did you dream of being a treasure hunter when you were a kid?! Well, you can now unleash the Indiana Jones in you!

Beach metal detecting is a very unconventional way to make money! By using your metal detector at popular beaches, you may discover anything from loose change through to expensive jewellery. Or just sell your services looking for people’s lost car keys!

Due to shipwrecks over the ages, certain beaches have been known to generate rare ancient coins.

You can pick up Metal Detectors rather inexpensively from about $140.

4. Become a Pet Psychic

Got a ‘thing’ for the supernatural? Think your pet is trying to tell you something? This one is for you!

Lori is a pet psychic who made an appearance on Oprah. She used to be a psychic who exclusively worked with people. However, two years into her career, she found that her clients’ pets attempted to connect with her psychically! (Uh-huh, you read that right!)

She was overjoyed to learn that her telepathic ability extended to animals as well. Lori wants everyone to realize that their relationship with their dogs is more than just emotional.

If you think you have skills like these, you might be able to make money with them! It’s a very unconventional way to make some extra dollars.

5. Be a Professional Competitive Eater

Are you a huuuuge eater? Well, it turns out your mum was wrong. You can make money out of eating A LOT!

Joey Chestnut, for example, has a net worth of $2 Million according to celebrity net worth! He is quite popular in the field and is getting paid a lot for..yep.. competitive eating!

If your stomach isn’t as strong as his, though, maybe skip this. Being a professional eater also means that you have to do a lot of training, stretching and pushing your body to extreme limits which can do lifelong damage to your body.

Even if I love hotdogs, I won’t eat 74 of them in 10 minutes.

20 Best Unconventional Ways to Make Money | Stay At Home Mum

6. Be A Dumpster Diver

There’s cash in the trash! (YEP* Even well-known designer companies throw away their products!) Don’t believe me? Read this one!

In a single night, some dumpster divers may make over $2,000! The technique is allowed as long as you’re not trespassing on private property.

Dumpster diving is not without risk. Sharp object injuries, such as those caused by knives, nails, syringes, and glass, are among them. And it smells bad.

Experts caution would-be trash divers about the germs that may be found in waste food, particularly when left out in the heat. If you got any of this bacteria in an exposed wound you could die.

7. Sell Photographs of Your Feet

“Who the heck buys feet photographs in the first place?!” Well turns out – lots of people with foot fetishes do – and they pay big money for them.

Apart from those people use use those images in ways we don’t really want to know about, many bloggers, marketers, and other businesses may purchase stock photos of feet to help them advertise their foot related content or goods!

While selling images of your feet may not make you wealthy right away, it is quite feasible to turn this into a lucrative side hustle – or even a full-fledged business! *winks*

8. Do Something Unique on Onlyfans

Now, everything gets STEAMYYY! Onlyfans is a platform built specifically for selling nudes and porn. But not just that type of content, as it is unrestricted, if you have a unique talent that you think people will pay to view, then you can do it on Onlyfans.

For example, there is an Australian women who has a channel of her just farting. People make money from Onlyfans by gaining followers who pay a subscription to your channel, or pay you for specific content.

Onlyfans takes a 20% cut of any income earned through the platform.

It is one extremely unconventional way to make a dollar.

9. Make Money Out Of Your Plasma

Now this only works if you live in the United States – in Australia it is illegal to receive compensation for bodily fluids.

However, if you are located in the US, selling your plasma might earn you up to $300 each month (Interesting, right?!)

The yellowish liquid component of blood that keeps the cells suspended is called plasma. It’s the portion of the blood that transports cells and proteins all around the body. Pharmaceutical Companies use plasma to develop medical treatments that aid patients with clotting problems and other ailments.

The process of extracting plasma from you is more complicated than that of extracting entire blood. It takes longer and isn’t as enjoyable. As a result, the business that benefits financially from your donation compensates you in AWESOME cash!

10. Get Paid to Be a Professional Mourner

Cry now and get paid later! People posing as mourners are recruited to increase attendance at funerals. Professional mourners may be brought in if the dead has few remaining family members or family that live too far away to attend.

Wailing and sobbing are still part of certain cultures’ funeral rituals.

If you locate professional mourner employment, you may expect to earn $30 to $120 for each funeral. Funerals usually last 2 to 3 hours, allowing you to attend two funerals in one day.

11. Head Lice Removal Service

This might seem gross to other people, but we’re talking real CASH here!

With hundreds of kids acquiring head lice each year, parents are looking for experts to assist them in dealing with the problem!

Head lice have skillfully evolved to fit nicely into our lifestyles throughout the years. Lice feed primarily on human blood and do so from the scalp, and the human hair strand is an ideal location for them to lay their eggs. Professional head lice removers will take the time to remove and kill the lice, treat the hair and comb out the eggs.

I say it’s worth every dollar!

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12. Sell Your Holiday Snapshots

Make money out of your holiday snaps! Because stock images of holidays may get monotonous, businesses are constantly on the lookout for new innovative holiday images to purchase. Why not sell your funny or quirty holiday snaps to make a profit.

To capture photographs worth paying for, you don’t have to be a camera expert but your images need to be clear and lit well. Sell your digital photos to many stock image companies.

You’ll get paid a royalty fee every time someone buys one of your photos, and the subject matter may be whatever you choose!

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13. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR

Ever come across those OH-SO relaxing sounds on Youtube? Hmm, why not create one now and make money out of it??

ASMR videos are part of a fascinating trend! ASMR artists are part of a growing digital group of individuals who produce calming sounds, either live or pre-recorded, intending to reach out to someone who might like them.

Those videos may appear dull to those unfamiliar with ASMR, but they may provide hours of true relaxation to those who are sensitive to these triggers. So, using your imagination, you may benefit from ASMR videos in the long run!

14. Get Paid For Your Sperm

Live in the United States and got some extra LOAD down there? You can donate it for some EXTRA cash!

Finding a qualified sperm donor for fertility services can be difficult. This is because only around 5% of applicants fulfil the rigorous donor standards required. The procedure of sperm donation might take up to three weeks. It consists of a formal questionnaire, a physical examination, and a sample of sperm.

You’ll have to give 6-10 samples every month if you pass the test. You may donate sperm for $70 at the Phoenix sperm bank, and you’ll receive $50 when you donate and $20 when the sample is posted.

You may make up to $1,000 each month if you work hard enough!

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15. Be A Professional Cuddler

If you have a lot of empathy, you might be able to turn it into a lucrative profession!

However, to do so, you must be completely accepting of people of all colours, genders, and sexual orientations. It goes without saying that you’ll also require great interpersonal skills.

Professional snuggling is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Emotionally starved people are paying large money to be hugged worldwide, from New York to London to Tokyo and far beyond!!

Some experts may earn up to $360 each day! So, what are you waiting for? You got nothing to lose but more money to earn!

  • Need a new pillow for your new profession? Pillow Talk is to the rescue!

16. Review Music

Numerous digital firms will pay you to provide feedback on new songs before they are published! And you can make good money from it!

These reviews are sent directly to unregistered artists to assist them in improving whatever they’re working on. This is why evaluations must be detailed and constructive. Viewing commercials, fashion products, and other forms of branding may potentially earn you money.

Fortunately, you don’t need much musical knowledge to write a nice review! It’s enough to describe how it makes you feel and compare it to other artists and songs to be beneficial.

17. Make A Cosplay Kissing Booth

Tryna be cutie while making money? Dress up and bag up LOTS of money through this!

Dress as your favourite anime or comic character and sell kisses for $5.00 apiece. This is an unexplored market, so if you take advantage of it, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Target large gatherings like ComicCon or DragonCon to optimize your earning potential.

You are not selling tangible goods as the booth owner. You also don’t need a lot of time to prepare. A sign, a cash box, and a booth are all you actually need.

Kissing strangers may appear odd to you, and totally unhygenic in Covid times, however a dollar is a dollar!

18. Shares of your life can be sold for a profit

Are you boreeeed and looking for ways to spice up your life while earning EXTRA bucks!? Look up to this man!

Mike Merrill made headlines in 2008 when he sold $100,000 worth of his life to the public for $1 a piece. In exchange, each stakeholder was given control over how he lived his life.

They were allowed to vote on whether or not he should undergo a vasectomy. And whether or not he should dye his hair a different hue. His stockholders forbade him from consuming meat. They did, however, allow him to eat fish.

Even whether or not to quit his relationship with his first lover, who happened to be investor number seven. If Mike made any money outside of his employment at a tiny software firm, they would get a return on their investment.

His buddies acquired about a thousand shares in the next two weeks. Mike walked away with a bundle of cash. This is an idea you can try!

19. Be An Art Prospect

Drawing the human body is difficult! I can’t even do it myself! Uggghhh!

So, sketching realistic individuals is the greatest approach to improve your skills in this area!

Art professors are always on the lookout for volunteers to help pupils sketch the human form because it might be difficult for students to witness members of their own class in their underwear! The man got the point!

In response, they typically search for volunteers from outside the institution! This is where you enter the picture. Being a nudist model for a life painting class might earn you money. You’ll need to feel at ease in your birthday suit in front of a room full of strangers.

The best part about this job is that you don’t have to look like Aphrodite to get it, and you can make $20 per hour!

20. Rent Your Backyard To Campers

Got some unused space in your backyard? Welp, go clean it now and rent it up, buddy!

If you live in a green or rural location and have a spacious backyard or piece of land, renting your field to some happy campers is a brilliant way to make some fast cash while the weather is shining.

There are numerous online hubs where people may advertise their backyards for camping. This is an exciting opportunity for vacationers looking to pitch up tents at a low fee.

It’s completely free to promote your yard as a prospective camping location, and you can even set the price you wish to charge campers, so everyone wins!

As the world evolves, so will people’s means of earning money!

The good news is, the limits of a workplace no longer bind us! (Yep, you heard it right!) You may function from anywhere and at any time owing to technology and social media. The non-traditional ways to generate money on the list above provide a wide range of possibilities.

These 20 Best Unconventional Ways to Make Money not only help you make extra money to get by but also open up new avenues for you to explore new sources of income and hobbies.

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