Where to Buy Wholesale Crystal Suppliers from China

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Where to Buy Wholesale Crystal Suppliers from China

Wholesale Crystals from China.  Where do you start!

Crystals are on the rise in popularity, more and more people are purchasing different types of crystals and collecting them in their homes! So starting a business selling crystals is a fantastic idea for a small business in a sector that is becoming more and more popular.

So finding a wholesale crystals supplier for your business that has a reputable, good quality product can be tricky, especially when there are so many to choose from.

We’ve done some research, and here are our top-rated recommended stores on Ali Express and other Wholesale Crystal Suppliers in China with the highest ratings!

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List of the Best Wholesale Crystal and Gem Suppliers from China | Stay at Home Mum

How we chose these Wholesale Crystals from China:

We look at the positive ratings, the number of sales, how long the sellers have been in business and their range.  We have done the research so you don’t have to!  If you don’t want to purchase from these smaller companies, we suggest you look our list of Major International Wholesale Companies.

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WH Crystal

WH Crystal is a wholesale crystals seller located in Jiangsu, China.  They sell 100% natural crystals, crystal skulls, crystal clusters, crystal balls, agate carvings and more.  They sell their crystals through an Etsy store.


  • Positive Rating Feedback: 96%

This store stock a range of wholesale crystals, but they also stock crystal water bottles, smoking pipes and jewellery.  This store through Aliexpress has a 96% positive feedback rating for sales.

Crystal Water Bottles | Stay at Home Mum

Boutique Charms

  • Based in Hong Kong

With over 7200 online sales and a 4.8/5 rating – we think Boutique Charms is the perfect place to purchase your wholesale crystals and wholesale jewellery.

Wholesale Natural Amethyst Crystal Pendant Healing Quartz

Quartz Handicraft

  • Positive Feedback Rating: 97.5%

Quartz Handicraft Store is a Wholesale Crystals Supplier from China that stock a variety of crystal wangs, stone crystal balls and also hand engraved skulls and figurines!

Quartz handicraft Store Small Orders Online Store on Aliexpress com | Stay at Home

Stunning Gem

Seller of wholesale crystals, gems, points, nuggets and high-quality gem supplies. Stunning Gem has a huge 41,298 sales on Etsy with a 4.5/5 rating!

Wholesale Crystal Quartz Points

Wholesale Crystal Points from Stunning Gem

Your Perfect Gifts

With over 111,000 sales and a 5 STAR rating – Your Perfect Gifts stocks wholesale crystals and gemstones – everything you need – at a great price.

Wholesale Lot Natural Gemstone Round Spacer Loose Beads 8mm

Wholesale Lots of Gemstones from $8.80 from Your Perfect Gifts


  • Positive Feedback Score: 96.7%

While this store has no name, they have great ratings! They offer a range of wholesale crystals decorative items. They have a lot of crystal jewellery that is all pre-made – ready to be sold in your new online store.

They have these pendants for just AU$2.20 each! Bargain.

Crystal Necklace | Stay at Home Mum

Laughing Girl Store

  • Positive Feedback Score: 96.2%

This store specialises in crystal pipes, balls and wands. They also stock a wide range of crushed crystals as well!


100 gram bag of Natural Mixed Quartz for AU$8.73

Amazing Crystals

  • Based in The United States
  • Over 32,000 sales on Etsy
  • 5-star rating

Amazing Crystals sell wholesale crystals, agate, selenite and gemstone jewellery.  They ship worldwide.

Check out their range here >

Bulk Wholesale Lot 24 Piece Flat Purple Amethyst

Wholesale Lot of 24 Pieces of Purple Amethyst from Amazing Crystals for AU$24.36

Sisterstone Official Store

If you are looking for crystal products that have already been made and ready to sell – then this is your store.  They have:

  • Crystal Crowns and Crystal Headbands
  • Crystal Sphere Balls
  • Crystal Wants
  • Crystal Obelisks and Crystal Healing Stones

Check out their full range here >

Crystal Crown or Crystal Headband Wholesale Crystal Suppliers China

This Crystal Crown from Sisterstone Official Store is only US$18.99!

Harmonious Crystalloid Store

Stockists of everything you could possibly wish for that is made from crystal! Their feedback rating is 96.6% and their range is just incredible!


  • Pre-made wholesale crystal jewellery
  • Crystal Yoni Eggs
  • Crystal Pendulum Pendants
  • Crystal Tree of Life Sculptures

Check out their full range here >

Crystal Tree of Life

One of the many Crystal Tree of Life Sculptures from Harmonious Crystalloid Store

LS-Crystalloid Store

This store is more of a bulk wholesaler – with lots of single stones, gems and crystals in just about every type of formation you can think of. Their prices are super cheap.

Their range includes:

  • Crystal Jewellery
  • Crystal Points (Healing Stones and Healing Prisms)
  • Crystal Pyramids
  • Crystal Ore

Check out their full range here >

Wholesale Crystals from China

Natural Quartz Point Rhodonite Healing Obelisk from LS-Crystalloid Store

Other Crystals Sellers Worth Mentioning:

Crystal Eclipse Crowns

  • Low-Cost Jewellery

Crystal Eclipse Crowns sells products that are quartz-based. While there are already-made products on the page, it also gives the customers the privilege to choose their own design through its ‘made to order’ type of service. Everything is handcrafted and can be customised, making each product unique.

You can find there:

  • Necklace
  • Tiara
  • Headband
  • Hair Pin


List of Jewellery Wholesalers for Small Businesses

List of Wholesale Crystals Suppliers – Worldwide

These are crystal and gem suppliers from the rest of the world.  All sellers ship internationally!

Essential Crystal Co

  • Ships worldwide from Australia

Handpicked, ethically sourced crystals.

Check out their range here >

Raw Crystals Rough Crystals Raw Gemstones Rough

Raw Crystals – from $1 each from Essential Crystal Co

Gems Factory Inc

  • Ships worldwide from The United States

Seller of wholesale crystals, gemstones, beads, cabochon crystals.  They offer wholesale bulk lots.

Check out their range here >

Agate Druzy Crystal Stone Natural Solar Agate Druzy Dyed image 0

All of these stores offer a beautiful range of crystal products bound to impress!

Where to Buy Wholesale Crystal and Gem Suppliers from China | Stay At Home Mum

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