Finding Wholesale Suppliers for Your Subscription Box

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Finding Wholesale Suppliers for Your Subscription Box

So you want to start your own Subscription Box Business but aren’t sure where to find wholesale suppliers so you can actually make a profit?

Subscription Boxes are HUGE now – with literally hundreds starting every month in every niche you can think of.  Covid has also helped raise the profile of subscription boxes as we can’t really get out to shop, and there is nothing better than getting a present at home, beautifully wrapped.

If you are thinking of starting your very own Subscription Box, the first thing you need to do is decide on a niche.  Then you have to find wholesale products to stock in your box.  That’s where we come in.  We have put together a huge list of wholesale suppliers for every niche you can possibly think of!  So get started today!

Table of Contents:

1. Where to Buy Subscription Box Boxes
2. List of Bulk Wholesale Suppliers
3. List of Adult Wholesale Suppliers
4. List of Crafting Suppliers for Subscription Boxes
5. List of Wholesale Fashion Suppliers
6. List of Health & Beauty Suppliers
7. List of Fashion and Jewellery Suppliers
8. List of House, Home and Pet Suppliers
9. List of Business Suppliers to Go With Your Subscription Box Business
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1. Where to Buy Subscription Box Boxes:

Here are some approved overseas suppliers of boxes with high ratings (and low prices)

| Stay at Home Home & Garden Store

Stockist of all sizes of Natural Kraft Paper Gift Packaging Boxes. With 95.8% positive feedback, they have bulk packs of 50 at very reasonable prices.

Location: China
BzFztgLkP3cCAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC | Stay at Home YC Printing Co Store

If you want coloured boxes for your Subscription Box Business – this is the right place to go. With over 11,000 positive reviews and 96.8% positive feedback, you are in good hands.

Location: China
Optimization Packing Store

All your subscription box packaging needs.

Location: China
Lateher Output Stream Loveshare Store

Location: China
cardboard | Stay at Home

2. Bulk Wholesale Suppliers:

It really depends on what sort of wholesale supplier you are looking for – but we have a huge free list of wholesale suppliers to check out!  Find it here ->

3. List of Adult Wholesale Suppliers:

There are loads of niche Adult Subscription Boxes out there – and the one great thing about Adult products – is the huge markups.  So you can buy them cheap, and keep your subscription box reasonably priced and still make a really good product.

4. List of Crafting Suppliers for Subscription Boxes:

5. List Wholesale Fashion Suppliers:

Top Brand Online

Top Brand Online has all of the name-branded clothing supplies – but wholesale! They are based in the UK but ship worldwide.

More Reading: Free List of Cheap Women’s Clothing Suppliers for Your Fashion Start-Up

6. List of Health & Beauty Suppliers:

Probably the most popular category of a subscription box is health and beauty.  There are so many niches in this market that there is no way it gets ‘saturated’.  Think eco or vegan, Korean beauty, health supplements, nail kits – there is so much scope!

7. List of Fashion & Jewellery Suppliers:

This is a tricky area because although fashion subscription boxes are a thing – they are usually pretty pricey – because once you add three of four pieces – it makes an expensive outlay for you the supplier, and for the buyer.  So think high end if you are doing to do this area!

8. List of House, Home & Pet Suppliers:

9. Your Subscription Box Business Suppliers:

If you want to be included on our list, please drop us a line at [email protected]

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