• Submit your Blog or Video

Submit your Blog or Video

Visitors to Stay at Home Mum are welcome to submit a blog or video to have published on the Stay At Home Mum website.

We here are Stay at Home Mum are not professional journalists or writers – we are all Mums – just like you!  We are always searching for new material for our website – after all – this website is for and about you – and you know what you like to read!

We are now proud to announce that we will pay $20 for each PUBLISHED blog and $50 for each PUBLISHED video on Stay at Home Mum.  All blogs must conform to the following criteria or will not be accepted.

Blog Rules are:

  • Blog about something Mums will like and are interested in – but make sure we haven’t covered that particular topic in detail on the website first!
  • Blog content is to be a maximum of 600 words and be original work NOT POSTED ELSEWHERE!
  • Work MUST be your own.
  • Blogs will be reviewed and you will be advised if you are successful together with a possible publishing date.  Remember we receive hundreds of blogs so if it takes us a little while to get back to you – don’t panic!
  • Blogs may be rejected by SAHM if the content is not considered suitable.  Don’t be discouraged – try and try again!
  • You may NOT include links in the body of the work.  You can however link to your own blog/site in the Bio section.  SAHM can edit this as we see fit.
  • SAHM reserves the right to edit the work for our website as we deem fit.  We will never change the ‘integrity’ of the post – just for editing purposes.
  • Recipes are not included unless they are your original work and are supplied with an appropriate high quality photograph that you own the rights to.
Video Rules are:
  • Video must be something related to the Stay at Home Mum Website
  • Video must be maximum of 3 minutes – minimum of 30 seconds and be of your own, original work
  • Video must be clear and audible
  • Video must NOT be posted elsewhere
Submit your Blog

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