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Ham and Vegetable Muffins

A delicious morsel of goodness for the lunch box.

Scrambled Egg Muffins

A fabulous morning treat!

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Bake and Freeze for School Lunches

20 Freezeable Muffins That Are Perfect for the School Lunch Box

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Hotcross Buffins

Recipe from Sweet Magazine

Bulk Bacon and Egg Muffins

Feed a horde!

30-Day Winter Meal Plan: Frugal Breakfast Recipes

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Banana Muffins (Dairy Free)

Great for school lunches!

Sultana Cinnamon Muffins

Triple Chocolate Muffins

So Chocolate-y, So Delicious!

Coconut Cream and Lemon Muffins

A Tropical Melding of Perfection!

Healthy Sour Cream Blueberry Muffins

Good For A Sweet Fix Snack!

Simple Bran Muffins

Makes You Regular!

Cherry Chocolate Muffins

These two just belong together.

Protein Coffee Muffins

Breakfast & Coffee in one bite!

Basic Muffin Recipe

Make Whatever Flavour you Like!

Mixed Berry and White Chocolate Muffins

Something Sweet....