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Nai Yang Beach: Relax and Unwind in this Secluded Little Thai Village

Nai Yang Beach: Relax and Unwind in this Secluded Little Thai Village

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Nai Yang Beach: Relax and Unwind in this Secluded Little Thai Village

A short 10-minute drive south of Phuket’s airport is the sleepily little town of Nai Yang Beach.

Our destination there was the Phuket Marriot Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach..

and what a destination it is! Nai Yang is one of the few remaining locations in Phuket that is hidden away and much less commercialised. I fell in love with the place instantly and now it is one of my most favourite places ever.

Think off-the-beaten-track and lost-in-time kind of place.

2kFlnUUQ | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Thai locals line up in the streets and at the beach while eager to cater to your every whim. They are so relaxed and calm unlike most people we encountered in the more over populated areas of Phuket. This town is what beach life should be like everywhere if you are there to relax and unwind.

We started our holiday at The Phuket Marriot Resort and Spa, and these people know the meaning of hospitality. We booked an airport transfer through the Marriot, and it was easy and hassle-free.

On arrival, no desire went unattended. They checked up on us just the right amount of times, so we weren’t feeling bothered or ignored, just pampered and welcome. 

We arrived at 7:45 am and being the popular resort that it is we didn’t manage to secure an early check-in, but that wasn’t a problem at all.

The resort has a transit lounge with first-rate amenities including couches and showers just off the Andaman restaurant, and of course, all guests are welcome to take advantage of the infinity pool that looks out over the bay, plus the spa, bars and restaurants, gym and extensive shaded grounds.

p | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

We were so impressed we booked our last night in Phuket, here too. 

Check-in consists of a glorious purple Butterfly Tea that’s cool and refreshing. Most hotels and resorts serve a version of this throughout Thailand, but theirs is the best we tasted. 

p | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

And since we made it in time for breakfast, we enjoyed the fruits of their buffet breakfast labour, and what fabulous fruits they were!

The buffet breakfast at the Andaman is one of the best I’ve eaten at, and we were longing to get back there at the end of our trip.

Sadly we left too early on that last day to fill our bellies before our flights home, but they packed us a sweet little breakfast box each with fruit, yoghurt, and sandwiches and canned iced coffee. This canned iced coffee is found everywhere in Thailand and its something I am happy not to experience again I have to say! The barista coffee at the Marriott I must say, however, is the best I tasted in all of Thailand! 

Restaurants cater to every taste and feature flavours of Thailand and the world – all with a side of class, luxury and style.

In the lobby, you’ll find many a quiet place to curl up with a book or watch the sun make it way across the sky, along with a lounge, where you can enjoy a light meal and a drink looking out over the infinity pool and the peaceful horseshoe-shaped bay every corner of this resort is luxe, even the hidden corners! I don’t know about you, but as a mum of two I often seek out a hidden corner when we holiday and I do love one that a little luxe! 

Big Fish Restaurant offers dining with a view of the beach, Big Fish Bar offers up happy hour in the afternoon, and since alcohol is one thing that isn’t cheap in Thailand, it’s a great couple of hours to take advantage of if you like an afternoon tipple.

They’ll serve you at the pool or beach and they’ve developed a delicious array of mocktails for the kids or those who prefer to avoid alcohol. The poolside-dining menu is fantastic and has a great selection on offer. 

Lunch at the Adaman is a must! It was one of the most delicious meals we ate in Thailand. Fresh, vibrant, flavourful, textural, and everything looked and smelt as good as it tasted.

p | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

We were greeted with fruity welcome mocktails of orange, strawberry, and cranberry and fresh spring rolls filled with the freshest, crispiest vegetables and a sweet sticky tamarind sauce that was perfectly balanced. There is a dress code here though even at lunch so cover your backs, ladies.

We discovered this after miss 14 sat down with a typical Thai souvenir crocheted top that left her back completely exposed apart from a little cotton strap.

Lunch has me drooling over my laptop from the memory and consisted of Po Piah Goong (Deep Fried Spring Rolls), a Thai Appetiser Platter.

p | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Goong Sarong (local Marinated Adaman Prawns, wrapped in Vermicelli Noodles and Sweet Plum Sauce), tender Thai Spicy Chicken Wings, Moo Kua Gue crispy Deep-fried Pork Belly tossed with Sea Salt) that made us salivate, Poo Nim Prik Thai Dum (Stir-fried Soft Shelled Crab with Garlic and Pepper). Every dish was full of flavour and cooked to perfection.

p | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

When the tide is out in Nai Yang Bay at the Marriott you can wade out to a little island just off the beach, tiny fish swim in schools around your feet and my Miss Nine lost herself trying to catch them, they’re fast though! And small! It took a while to convince her we could stay all night and they’d still outswim her little fingers, every time!

The Marriott posts tide times near the Adaman restaurant every day, so you don’t miss the opportunity to wade out to Pling Island and explore the local seabirds and shellfish. It’s an experience not to miss and I chatted to few guests who all raved about the experience. 

As the sun begins to slip behind the mountains, grab yourself a cocktail and settle in to watch the local fishermen return from their day at sea and pull their traditional Thai boats up on the clean sandy beach.

If water sports are your thing, they’ll arrange a quick trip to Yacht Haven or the Royal Phuket Marina so you can wile the sunny days away on the water. There are no water sports in their bay to keep the water pure and the minuscule fish healthy and happy. 

The rooms and suites here are divine. Regardless of which room you book you will be happy with your surrounds. They boast traditional and contemporary Thai design and their little signature bird artworks dot the resort and rooms.

We were lucky (and so very impressed) to receive an upgrade to a two-bedroom suite both times we stayed and they were spacious, welcoming, extremely clean, and well stocked. The bathrooms will entice you to stay forever and the views are spectacular it’s a true tropical oasis. 

And while this is resort holidaying, there is a sense of privacy and calm. In fact, if I didn’t know they we’re fully booked, I would have thought it was nowhere near full capacity. This resort was planned with luxury and relaxation in mind, while allowing you to feel that you are welcome to wander where ever you want to and that also makes your kids feel just as welcome as you.

p | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Nai Yang Beach

A leisurely stroll down the beach or an 8-minute cab ride from the Marriott (they’ll happily book a driver for you) is the small, slipped-off-the-tracks town of Nai Yang Beach and it’s the perfect place to start a trip and unwind. Not too much happens here, it’s a single strip, on the beachfront, that’s sleepy and relaxed. One of the last few hidden, less commercialised beaches left in Phuket. 

The northern end of the beach is protected by Sirinat National Park and is a beautiful coastal sanctuary where locals gather to picnic and swim, and Thai foodies sell fruit, drinks, sweets and Thai food.

Cafes and restaurants line both sides of the street; there’s an alleyway lined with a few shops, a couple of bars, including an Aussie bar for the homesick, and classy wine bar called Wine Station, not something you see everywhere in Thailand!

And as you would expect in Thailand, there are a few air-conditioned massage joints along the main drag where they’ll dig their fingers and toes into those tight muscles and loosen those joints. 

p | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

If you are after a massage, make sure you drop in and see the ladies at May Massage. We visited them twice as a family, and the girls just loved them. Plus they remembered us two weeks later when we slipped back in for our last massage of the trip. 

Tables and chairs line the beach and its lovely to sit near the water’s edge and not be hounded like you can be in the heavier tourist areas of Phuket. 

p | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

The beach is lined with casuarina trees that offer some relief from the sun, and the bay is invitingly protected and safe for swimmers of all ages. The quality of the deckchairs is a lot better than in those other parts of Thailand I mentioned before. 

Along with those convenient tables and chairs from some very thoughtful and clever restaurateurs, you’ll also find guys and gals stoking coals under tuk-tuk BBQs for a quick bite. Plus a bunch of grungy little bars, parasailing and traditional fishing boats moored just off the shoreline to watch as the sun goes down.

p | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Nai Yang Bay deserves a few days, especially if you want to unwind and relax before jumping into an adventure.

I can’t wait to go back!

Nai Yang Beach Relax and Unwind in this Secluded Little Thai Village | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

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