20+ Hedgehog Cakes That Turned Out So Bad

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20+ Hedgehog Cakes That Turned Out So Bad

Before I show you the ugly hedgehog cakes I found on the internet, I would like to say that I am not a perfect cook nor am I the best at baking.

I’d say I am average with it and this doesn’t mean I am judging the people with who made these disastrous’s normal when you’re starting and just learning! If you can’t take a joke get out of here!!!

I’ll show you what a pretty hedgehog cake looks like (not mine, found on the internet as well):

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This one is a cutieeee, and looks decent, too!

This isn’t pretty but it can pass..

But these ones are the ugliest of all and it’s enough to make the one who baked it laugh and the kids cry at the sight of it…

Scroll down and see for yourself!

If you have ever wanted to make a creative and unique cake for a special occasion, a hedgehog cake may be the perfect dessert. Although it may seem like an easy process, producing a hedgehog-inspired cake can be quite challenging and even lead to hilariously disastrous outcomes.

From spikes that won’t stay in place to cartoon-like eyes that look more demon-like than adorable, these 20+ hedgehog cakes are some of the most unappetizing creations! While some failures were assumed to be intentional, it’s hard not to laugh at these bad attempts at something that could have been so cute.

20+ Hedgehog Cakes That Turned Out So Bad | Stay At Home Mum

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