Boy Leaves His Mum a Very Angry Note And It’s Cute!

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Boy Leaves His Mum a Very Angry Note And It’s Cute!

An adorable boy has left his mother a really angry note — and it’s hilarious!

A young boy named Owen has just written an angry letter to his mother, politely telling her to stay away from him, even telling her that he will tuck his own self in.

Boy Leaves His Mum a Very Angry Note And It's Cute! | Stay at Home Mum

In this photo, shared on Reddit by the cousin of Owen’s mother, the letter begins without so much of a greeting. It began with a simple ‘Mommy.’

Then, the boy went straight to the point and told his mother: “Don’t come read with me.”

He then wrote the reason why: “I am mad at you.”

Finally, the boy courageously told his mother: ‘And I will tuck my own self in.’

The boy signs off the note with ‘Senserly, Owen.’

The letter was apparently pinned to the boy’s door, so that his mother would see it before even trying to enter his room.

That’s just too gorgeous for words lol!

The photo has gained more than 5,800 likes and over 1,200 comments.


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