Couple Get Married At McDonalds

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Couple Get Married At McDonalds

A Hertfordshire couple who had their first date at the fast food restaurant two years ago, treat their wedding guests to dine at McDonalds for their reception.

Joseph Shapton, 34, and his new wife Louise, were wed at a local registry office in Hatfield Registry Office, Hertfordshire, before inviting their 30 guests to the fast food restaurant.

The couple who eat there three times a week, say it was their 3-year-old daughter Sarah-Lea who came up with the unique venue.

McDonalds Wedding 3

‘We wanted Sarah-Lea to be as involved as possible and so when she said she wanted us to have the reception in McDonald’s, we thought, “Why not?”

‘It’s a really unusual idea and we will always remember it. It’s delicious food so what’s not to love?’

Even their wedding cake was an iced replica of their favourite, Big Mac Meal.

Big Mac Cake

Chowing down on a Big Mac meal at each visit, the meal contains a heart stopping 947 calories and more than half the daily recommended fat intake. Louise also piles on extra sauce and pickles.

Seeing no issue with regularly gorging on the fast food, they are content to raise three-year-old Sarah-Lea on a diet of Happy Meals. Even though Louise is registered disabled because of numbness in her legs brought on by Type 2 diabetes.

‘McDonald’s isn’t as unhealthy as people think. I eat Big Macs which are just protein, I don’t always finish the chips. We only eat around three a week but we enjoy it. What’s wrong with that?’


They’re now planning a honeymoon to Chessington World of Adventures theme park in Surrey ensuring there is a McDonalds nearby.

McDonalds Wedding 2

Asked whether they considered any other fast food venues for the reception, Louise added: ‘Absolutely not. McDonald’s is the best.’


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