Dad Impersonates A Race Caller In A Hilarious Take On Family Easter Camping Trip

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Dad Impersonates A Race Caller In A Hilarious Take On Family Easter Camping Trip

A father has made a hilarious take on a family Easter camping trip after he impersonated a race caller in a race call that is all too real.

Victorian radio personality, Jon Vertigan, has taken the common phrases you’ll hear on a long weekend family Easter camping trip, and used them as horse names to create a race-call summary of the outdoor experience.

In a video, which has now been viewed more than 1.4 million times, and was uploaded on the Mum Central Facebook page, Jon can be seen in a race track, looking through a telescope, and started race calling in a hysterically funny way.

“My Bed’s F””ing Uncomfortable has made up a stack of ground along with Touch Of Gastro and The Kids Have Turned Feral,” he calls.

“They turn for home and Did You Pack My Jumper joins Thongs On In The Shower at the top of the field!”

The father-of-two told The Courier-Mail that it’s his own experience that inspired him to do this hilarious piece. “My two children think it sounds exactly like when we go on holidays and they gave me the inspiration to write it in the first place, particularly the horse, There Is No Wi-fi Here.”

Here’s the full video and see how it really hits close to home.


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