Little Girl’s ‘Dear Daddy’ is Moving Everyone To Tears

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Little Girl’s ‘Dear Daddy’ is Moving Everyone To Tears

This deserves to be the most important video for all dads to watch. 

An unborn girl calls on her dad to fight violence against women in this five minute video entitled ‘Dear Daddy’. The video was created by CARE International who shares a powerful message that shows how sexist jibes and name-calling spur violence on women in our society. Furthermore, it shows how small habitual disrespectful behaviours can lead to serious assaults later in life.

Little Girl's 'Dear Daddy' is Moving Everyone To Tears | Stay At Home Mum

The unborn girl reveals things she might experience as a grown up. Some of these are being called as a whore, b**** and c*** in high school; being raped at 21 by the son of her father’s friend and finding a “nice boy” who will physically abuse her.

Watch the video and know the reason why thousands of people are moved into tears.


After watching this, you will think differently about casual sexism.

‘Dads of the world, protect our daughters, by teaching your sons respect for all women in their lives’

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