Mum Devastated After Being Diagnosed With Cancer Months After Twins’ Birth and Partner’s Death

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Mum Devastated After Being Diagnosed With Cancer Months After Twins’ Birth and Partner’s Death

A mother was left devastated when just five weeks after the birth of her twins, her partner took his own life, and 15 months after the birth, she was told she has cancer.

Amy Savage, 25, never thought she would experience bad luck after bad luck.

Only over a month after her twins, Cash and Cruz were born in January 2016, her partner, Dwayne committed suicide and just last month, she received the devastating news that she has leukaemia.

In a GoFundMe page set up by her friend, Cassie McDermott, she described the struggles Amy is going through who remained resilient despite everything.

“Amy has shown courage, determination and true strength as a sole parent.

“Amy has spent every day hospitalised since being diagnosed and has a long road to recovery,” Cassie wrote.

She then asked for support for Amy’s medical bills, support for her boys and for a “good quality wig” to help boost her confidence. “From my heart to yours, I am looking to the community to help support a dear friend and beautiful mother Amy who has been diagnosed with leukaemia, a cancer of the blood. It would be a wonderful thing if as a community we could come together to give some light into the life of Amy and her boys,” Cassie added.

Mum Devastated After Being Diagnosed With Cancer Months After Twins' Birth and Partner's Death | Stay at Home Mum

Thankfully, the fundraising goal of $10,000 has been achieved in just 10 days and Amy is more than thankful, and said that the excess amount will be donated to other people who are also battling cancer and the cancer council.

“I know it sounds clichéd but I am so overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. This is a huge amount of money for me and I really appreciate every single dollar donated. As we are very close to the target I would like to let everyone know that if it is exceeded I will be donating it towards other people who have been affected by cancer and the cancer council. I know they say that the patient is the one who is ‘battling cancer’ but I think it really is the scientists, doctors and nurses who are the ones really fighting. So if I can put some money towards my army I will be super happy,” she said.

As of now, they have raised more than $11,000.

Amy also documents her everyday life in the hospital in her Facebook page, Sav vs Cancer, where her musings from her hospital bed are both funny and heartfelt.

In her recent post she said: “If I don’t survive you can bet your bottom dollar I am going to try and be the most annoying ghost ever,” she wrote. “100 per cent switching off ya lights while you’re doing your makeup, hiding your cigarettes and car keys (no need to smoke anyway), unexplained noises at inappropriate times and I will move shit around rooms which may not be a bad thing because come on ya’ll can probably do with some styling tips lol”.


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