Mum Warns Others About New Bullying Game On Social Media

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Mum Warns Others About New Bullying Game On Social Media

A mother has warned others about a new bullying game sweeping social media that invites children to create the most horrible insults about a chosen victim.

Rachaele Hambleton, 34, from Torbay in Devon, UK was shocked after learning about an internet craze that encourages kids to make terrible comments about a targeted person’s weight, appearance or personality. She learned about this after her 12-year-old daughter, Betsy Hambleton, refused to participate in the said game on Snapchat and stood up to bullies.

Mum Warns Others About New Bullying Game On Social Media | Stay at Home Mum

Mrs Hambleton, who blogs as the Part-Time Working Mummy and has three daughters and two stepsons, wrote an emotional post praising her daughter’s courage for refusing to take part in the ‘game’. She wrote:

“Dear Betsy,

“You came into the kitchen and showed me something that had left you upset and confused and I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it.

“You couldn’t understand why people you know and like were doing this and repeatedly showed me various names and comments whilst in shock at what was being written about them.”

She then talked about her daughter’s bravery after writing her own story on Snapchat and saying how ‘cruel and mean’ people are when taking part in this ‘disgusting’ new game, and said she wants no part in it.

“It was a brave thing to do Betsy, because you are one person, and you’ve stood up to hundreds of teenagers, you’ve not followed suit or joined in with the crowds.

“I am so proud of you, you have the same fight I was born with. It’s a fight that sits inside you, a fight that you can feel that makes you want to protect others, to care & to look out for those who need it,” she added.

Mum Warns Others About New Bullying Game On Social Media | Stay at Home Mum

Mrs Hambleton told Mirror Online that the game consists of writing ‘the most horrific things’ you can imagine about a person. She said that it consists of sending someone the letter X, then that person sends back a name of someone the group knows and then write the vilest things about that person. It then gets posted anonymously, but publicly, using Snapchat.

She said that she wants other mums to know about it to be able to protect their children.

“I just want to raise awareness because so many mums wouldn’t know about this sort of thing. There’s so much peer pressure out there. Bullying is just endless now because of mobile phones,” she said.

Her post has received more than 40,000 reactions and has been shared over 3,800 times.


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