Photo of Mum Hugging Her Daughter Before Giving Birth Goes Viral

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Photo of Mum Hugging Her Daughter Before Giving Birth Goes Viral

This photo of an expectant mother hugging her daughter as she lets her go as they welcome another baby into their family has now gone viral and here’s why.

Every mother who already has children shares the same feeling as Nikki Colquitt — the feeling of having to let your “baby” go to welcome another baby into the family. This is the same reason why Nikki held her daughter tightly before she gives birth to another baby girl.

In the now-viral photograph taken by birth photographer Laura Paulescu, Nikki can be seen hugging her daughter on top of her pregnant stomach. The caption to the image reads:

“Pure sweetness. Last hugs before saying goodbye to momma [sic] & the last time she would sit on that big round belly with her sister still inside.”

Photo of Mum Hugging Her Daughter Before Giving Birth Goes Viral | Stay at Home Mum

Ms Paulescu told the Daily Mail that the mum and child stayed like that for a few moments before the child climbed down and played with her big brother, pretty much unaware of the life-changing events that would happen that day.

She said she took the photo because she was touched by that moment.

“The gut-wrenching mixture of overwhelming joy and anticipation, coupled with heartbreak at letting your “baby” go… Clearly a lot of mamas out there related to this moment.

“It’s a moment that stays with you forever,” she said.

True enough, the photo, uploaded several months ago, earned thousands of likes from parents who were also touched by the photo and even shared their own experience such as one mum who said: “I remember feeling so sad before our son was born. Remy and I have this special bond. And it would no longer be just us.”


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