The Crazy GREASE Theory Melting Down the Internet

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The Crazy GREASE Theory Melting Down the Internet

Fans of the movie Grease have gone into absolute meltdown over the bizarre theory that Sandy was DEAD all along (and the final scene is her flying into heaven with Danny).


A Grease fan posted on Reddit his theory that there are hidden clues all through the hit 1978 musical including the opening and closing scenes and song lyrics that reveal the truth behind the love story, that Sandy is actually dead and/or dying during the entire movie.

Let’s Track Back to the Start….

Okay so we all remember the movie, most of us could probably sing the whole thing word for word.

Remember at the start of the movie on the beach when Sandy and Danny are getting all lovey dovey…. We see the loved up pair having fun on the beach….then later on in the movie in the song, Summer Nights, Danny sings the infamous line:

“I saved her life, she nearly drowned….”

The theory goes that Sandy really did drown – and Danny, who actually didn’t KNOW Sandy, is imagining what their year at high school would have been like should she have lived. It’s suggested he even invented the name, ‘Sandy’, after the beach she drowned at.  Another weird theory is that the whole film was basically Sandy’s ‘dying thoughts’.

I’ve always Wondered Why That Car Flew Away At The End….

The post from ‘Atomicbold’ stated that the fact that red convertible flies away at end is actually Sandy and Danny flying off to heaven…..Because they are dead. And those are their last thoughts before entering the pearly gates.

Well, you know what? I think all this theory stuff is a big bunch of crap personally, and when I read it, I laughed and laughed, snorted coffee out of my nose onto my computer screen, then laughed a bit more. I mean really, people…it’s a movie musical with lots of fun and singing and dancing….some people have way too much time on their hands if they need to analyse a movie like Grease!!


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