This Little Boy’s Giggles Will Make You Want To Laugh, Too!

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This Little Boy’s Giggles Will Make You Want To Laugh, Too!

It’s Friday and I’m really itching for the day to end already..

Nothing like the end of the work week to make you feel restless. It’s like almost weekend but not quite! My RBF is starting to show up.. until this video of a boy laughing his heart out showed up on my feed. He definitely made my day!

The became viral on July 14, 2016 when Sara Shonfeld, a music teacher in New York decided to share it on the internet. It’s continuously being shared because.. why not? This kid’s hearty laugh will make anyone smile! You won’t be able to resist it!

According to the teacher, the boy loved the effect the song where they were instructed to clap and stop when she stops singing. His laugh was so contagious that everyone in the room can’t help but smile, too!

“It was during music class with a group of 3-year-old kids. The laughing boy loved the surprising effect of the song. Clap and stop! Children enjoy learning through dynamic musical expressions and experiences. Learning can be entertaining, too!” she added.

I think this video will continue to charm the internet in the following years.

PS. Watch ’till the entire video for a cute ending!

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