42 Chilling True Crime Podcasts That Are Just Terrifyingly Terrific

If you’re like us here at SAHM, you’ll agree that there’s no other series that will make you glued to your seats than true crime podcasts.

We don’t know why but there’s just a terrific hair-raising experience everytime we listen to true crime podcasts especially those cold cases, historical, serialised or just about any true crime series that gives you the creeps. It’s just so fantastic you just can’t get enough of it!

So, if you’ve tried your hand at it, well, we’ve got you more! Here are over 40 true crime podcasts that you’ll surely enjoy while scaring the sh*t out of you.

1. Murderish

42 Chilling True Crime Podcasts That Are Just Terrifyingly Terrific | Stay At Home Mum
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If you’re fascinated by the world of murder, strange disappearances, serial killers, among other chilling stuff, this is what you should be listening.

2. Corpus Delicti

42 Chilling True Crime Podcasts That Are Just Terrifyingly Terrific | Stay At Home Mum
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This podcast offers not just crime stories but it adds a touch of lightheartedness so you can lighten up a bit while listening to deep and compelling cases.

3. Trace Evidence

42 Chilling True Crime Podcasts That Are Just Terrifyingly Terrific | Stay At Home Mum
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For unsolved mysterious cases, let host Steven Pacheco take you into the world of gruesome murders and perplexing disappearances as he dives deep into the evidence and theories that revolve around them.

4. Atlanta Monster

42 Chilling True Crime Podcasts That Are Just Terrifyingly Terrific | Stay At Home Mum
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It tells the story of one of the city’s mysteries, the Atlanta Child Murders that happened almost 40 years ago. Host Payne Lindsey will delve into the murder of more than 25 African American children and young adults who have gone missing and were never found.

5. Twisted Philly

42 Chilling True Crime Podcasts That Are Just Terrifyingly Terrific | Stay At Home Mum
via darkmyths.org

This podcast is all about the dark but fascinating side of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. Its haunted history, creepy attractions, true crimes and everything that is adorably morbid in this side of the country.

6. Dirty John

Stay At Home Mum
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This podcast is about the life and love of two people whose souls were intertwined in a complex web of love, deception, forgiveness, denial, and ultimately, survival. Join host Christopher Goffard as he tells the life of Debra Newell, a successful interior designer and John Meehan, a handsome, attentive man, who just got back from Doctors without Borders, and who she thought was perfect — but her family disagrees.

7. Cold Traces

Stay At Home Mum
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Hosted by Christina N., this podcast focuses on victims of unresolved homicide and missing persons cases. It also gives a voice to family members, advocates, and others fighting for justice and resolution in unresolved cases.

8. Thin Air

Stay At Home Mum
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True crime fans make this on the top of their list of true crime podcasts with its narrative-driven stories, primary-source interviews, and hands-on investigative work on the different unsolved missing persons cases from all over the world.

9. Best Case Worst Case

Stay At Home Mum
via jamesrfitzgerald.com

Former FBI profiler Jim Clemente & former federal prosecutor Francey Hakes will take you to the best and worst cases they have ever dealt with.

10. S’Laughter

Stay At Home Mum
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Listen to the worst crimes from the UK and Ireland narrated with a dark sense of humour. This is what hosts Lucy and Emma has for you in this comedy murder podcast.

11. True Crime Island

Stay At Home Mum
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Fancy some true crimes from all over the planet? Welcome to True Crime Island.

12. In the Dark

Stay At Home Mum
via esquire.com

Straight from the pages of the APM Reports, the investigative reporting and documentary unit of American Public Media, this podcast, hosted by Madeline Baran, features mysterious cases such as the kidnapping/murder of Jacob Wetterling and the case surrounding convicted murderer Curtis Flowers.

13. Generation Why

Stay At Home Mum
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Hosts Aaaron and Justin talk about theories and share their views on different unsolved murders, mysteries, conspiracies and true crimes in this interesting podcast.

14. True Crime Historian

Stay At Home Mum
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You can listen to more than 200 incredible tales of true crime with this podcast, hosted by Richard O Jones, that will take you back to the dark times of mystery and murder from all around the world.

15. Most Notorious!

Stay At Home Mum
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This true crime history podcast, hosted by Erik Rivenes, deals with the most notorious crimes in history.

16. Heaven’s Gate

Stay At Home Mum
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Almost two decades ago, in 1997, 39 people committed a mass suicide which gripped the whole world. Now, those who lost loved ones and those who still believe share their stories in this intriguing podcast hosted by Glynn Washington.

17. Real Crime Profile

Stay At Home Mum
via podcasts.com

Three brilliant minds — Jim Clemente (former FBI profiler), Laura Richards (criminal behavioral analyst, former New Scotland Yard) and Lisa Zambetti (Casting director for CBS’ Criminal Minds) — join together in this true crime podcast that profiles behaviour from real criminal cases.

18. Trace

Stay At Home Mum
via podparadise.com

Go deep into the mysterious case of Maria James, mum of two who was stabbed to death in the back of her suburban Melbourne bookshop in June 1980 by a killer who vanished into thin air.

19. The Serial Killer Podcast

Stay At Home Mum
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This true crime podcast, hosted by Thomas Wiborg-Thune, will give you an overview of what a serial killer is — their background, childhood and youth –and how they became who they are and the extent of their criminal behaviour. It also describes in detail the murders they commit.

20. Phoebe’s Fall

Stay At Home Mum
via acast.com

This audio series focuses on the case of Phoebe Handsjuk who died a gruesome death in 2010 in a Melbourne apartment block. This six-part true crime podcast goes back in history as investigative journalists Richard Baker, Michael Bachelard and Nick McKenzie, investigate the life of Phoebe through her friends and family.

21. They Walk Among Us

Stay At Home Mum
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This true crime podcast features various cases ranging from the sinister to the surreal.

22. Missing Maura Murray

Stay At Home Mum
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This podcast goes deep into the life of 21-year-old Maura Murray and the circumstances that led to her mysterious disappearance in February 2004 after a non-life threatening accident on the dark and desolate Route 112.

23. TCFC Podcast

Stay At Home Mum
via player.fm

If you’re an avid fan of true crime, then this True Crime Fan Club Podcast is for you. It tackles the perhaps most innocent cases like a granny poisoning her victims to the most notorious ones like a serial killer who wreaks havoc in the state of Wisconsin.

24. Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo

Stay At Home Mum
via brit.co

CBC news investigative reporter Connie Walker is determined to find the answers to the disappearance of Cleo, a Cree girl from Saskatchewan who was taken by child welfare workers in the 1970’s and adopted in the U.S. Cleo’s family believes she was raped and murdered while hitchhiking back home to Saskatchewan.

25. Young Charlie by Hollywood & Crime

Stay At Home Mum
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In August 1969, movie star Sharon Tate and four others were murdered in a Hollywood Hills estate she shares with film director Roman Polanski. The following night, another couple was slayed that sent chills all over Los Angeles.

After four months, the mastermind was arrested and identified as the infamous Charles Manson. However, a few only knew him by name and not who he is. In this 6-part series, host Tracy Pattin and internationally acclaimed actor Stephen Lang will take you into the life of Charles Manson — from his troubled childhood to the night he ordered his people to commit the most dreaded crime in Hollywood history.

26. Detective

Stay At Home Mum
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Are you an addict of real crime stories? Hear it from former homicide detectives who have responded to the worst crimes during their time in uniform in this top-shelf podcast.

27. Hollywood & Crime

Stay At Home Mum
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Remember the gruesome murder of the Black Dahlia? This podcast takes you right into the details of the murder of one of the most infamous unsolved cases the world has ever known. It was in January 1947 in Los Angeles when Elizabeth Short, a star-struck young woman, was found with her body completely severed at the waist. But she was not the only one to experience a terrible death. More than a dozen women had the same fate. So, host Tracy Pattin investigates these sensational cases in this serialised docu-drama that will get you hooked and take you back to the dark moments of 20th century Hollywood.

28. The Trail Went Cold

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Hosted by Robin Warder, this podcast analyses unsolved mysteries and true crimes that happened in various parts of the world.

29. Black Hands – A Family Mass Murder

Stay At Home Mum
via pedestrian.tv

In June 1994, five members of an ordinary family in New Zealand were shot dead. Two suspects were hunted down — one killed and the other survived. His name was David Bain. Now the question remains: Who killed the Bain family? David or his father, Robin? Host Martin van Beynen tries to answer this question in this gripping podcast that dives deep into the evidence and motives of the killing.

30. House of Mystery True Crime History

Stay At Home Mum
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Get the best in true crime and conspiracy stories in this podcast that will take you out of this world and into the world of UFOs, psycopaths and murderers.

31. Unresolved

Stay At Home Mum
via unresolved.me

Enter the mesmerising world of the unresolved in this investigative podcast that features true crime, paranormal experiences, mythological figures, conspiracy theories, and all other unsolved mysteries in this planet.

32. Breakdown

Stay At Home Mum
via ajc.com

Host Bill Rankin will make a breakdown on the murder prosecution of Claud “Tex” McIver, a wealthy and politically connected lawyer in Atlanta who killed his wife by shooting her at the back. While McIver claims it was an accident, his unlikely actions after the incident prompted the police and the community to question his innocence.

33. Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

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via ourrescue.org

Former prosecutor Nancy Grace will give you the most shocking crimes in history as she unravels mysterious cases and disappearances.

34. Bloody Murder – A True Crime Podcast

Stay At Home Mum
via bloodymurderpodcast.com

Learn about the lesser known murders and serial killers from Australia and around the world in this true crime podcast hosted by Barney Black and Tara Sariban. But unlike any other, their conversations are humourous. So if you’re into some light talk about grisly murders, tune in here.

35. Killers, Cults and Nutjobs

Stay At Home Mum

Hosts Scotty J and Phill dive into some true crime cases to try to figure out criminal minds.

36. Disgraceland

Stay At Home Mum
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This podcast is all about musicians behaving badly. So if you love music and you love true crime, find these two mixed in this fantastic podcast about music and crime.

37. Female Criminals

Stay At Home Mum
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Females can be criminals too. In this podcast, female felons are being featured and what prompted them to kill or become an offender.

38. Two Girls True Crime

Stay At Home Mum
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Yep some girls just wanna have fun and this kind of fun is called talking about murder, true crime, lore and other phenomena.

39. Wine & Crime

Stay At Home Mum
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Three childhood friends will give you the ride of your life in this new true crime podcast mixed with comedy…and just a bit of booze.

40. White Wine True Crime!

Stay At Home Mum
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Chug that wine while listening to the nastiest true crimes in history.

41. Curiosity Kills Podcast

Stay At Home Mum
via ottoradio.com

If curiosity killed the cat, well, this podcast will not. It will even take you to the morbid but entertaining world of true crime.

42. Dead and Buried Podcast

Stay At Home Mum
via deadandburiedpodcast.com

Enthralled by the mysteries of the streets of Melbourne? This podcast takes you to the crimes that happened in the city. It features interviews with the descendants of people profiled, historians and other experts.

Which of these true crime podcasts have you listened to?

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