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The Claremont Serial Killings


20th February 2019 Court Proceedings

Bradley Robert Edwards, the man accused of the Claremont Serial Killings has again attended court today.  The court head how the accused had a fetish for women’s clothing, and for stealing women’s clothing off clotheslines in Huntingdale in 1988.  It was also noted that he was obsessed with rape and abduction porn.

The ‘Huntingdale’ series of break-ins occured within a one-kilometer radius of the accused home.  The series of these crimes included approaching homes in the dark, stealing items and on one occasion, entering and attacking a sleeping 18 year old woman after attempting to force fabric into her mouth. The accused left behind a semen stained kimono which DNA testing revealed matched that of Bradley Robert Edwards.

On the night Sarah Spiers went missing, January 27th 1996, witnesses reported hearing a bloodcurdling scream coming from the area of Mosman Park.  These screams were heard 20 minutes after Sarah Spiers disappeared from the telephone box where she had called for a taxi. The screams were consistent with a female in distress.  When the taxi arrived, there was no sign of Sarah.

Her body has yet to be located.

The night the second woman, Jane Rimmer went missing, loud screams were heard in the area of Wellard where her body was discovered 56 days later. It is believed that a Telstra knife was located near the body.  Mr Edwards worked for Telstra up to his arrest in December 2017.

Items of interest taken from the accused Kewdale home included homemade sex toys, hair ties and sandwich bags in which Mr Edwards reportedly masturbated into.

The Judge-alone trial will begin in July 22nd 2019.


10.52am: More Breaking News… 

Police have charged a 48-year-old Kewdale man with the murder of Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon.    More information to come.


Breaking News!

A 50-year-old Kewdale man has been taken into custody believing to be in connection with the Claremont Serial Killing Investigation.  Neighbours of the Kewdale home told ABC reporters that the Tactical Response Group went to the house at 7am where the man was taken into custody. Later, a young woman believed to be the man’s daughter aged in her 20’s was also taken away by Police.

ABC reports that the man has NOT been previously linked to the case.

However, media spectulation is that a rape that occurred in Karrakatta Cemetery before the first abduction may have DNA evidence related to the dissaperances of the three girls.

Police removed a number of items from the Kewdale house.

We shall keep you posted.

The house is reported to be located in Acton Avenue, Kewdale.

Three young, blonde, smart girls…

Claremont is a beautiful, wealthy suburb located in Perth, Western Australia. However, from 1996, three girls went missing and Perth was never the same again. Three young, blonde, smart girls — girls that wouldn’t get into a stranger’s car or go with someone they didn’t know. Police have long suspected a serial killer. However to date, no one has been charged. Here’s what we know!

Sarah Spiers

Sarah Spiers, Her body has never been found.
Sarah Spiers, Her body has never been found.

On Australia Day 1996, Sarah Spiers, a bubbly and affectionate office worker, 18 years of age called for a taxi to get a ride home after a night out with friends at a nightclub (the Continental) located in the middle of Claremont. Sarah had walked a short distance to a phone booth to call for a taxi. However, when the called taxi arrived (only three minutes after the phone call), Sarah was gone.  Despite a massive search, no trace of Sarah has ever been found.

Jane Rimmer

Jane Rimmer, her body was found in bushland.
Jane Rimmer, her body was found in bushland.

Shortly after, on the 9th of June 1996, Jane Rimmer, 23 years of age and a child care worker also disappeared after a Saturday night out with friends, but unlike Sarah Spiers, her body was discovered in bushland South of Perth at Woolcott Road, Wellard about a month later. She was offered a shared taxi ride home with a friend but declined, she left alone and wasn’t seen alive again. Vision of Jane leaving the hotel was released in 2008 (see below).

Social Media reports say that Rimmer’s body was found submerged in a swamp. Unconfirmed reports also say she had ‘bite’ marks covering a part of her body.

Ciara Glennon

Ciara Glennon, a 27yo Lawyer
Ciara Glennon, a 27yo Lawyer

On the 14th of March 1997, Ciara Glennon, a 27-year-old lawyer also vanished after a night out in Claremont. It was a Friday night and she had not long returned from overseas to work in Perth. After drinks in the city, Ciara and her friends arrived at the Claremont Hotel, but she only stayed a short while before heading home for an early night. Left on her own to catch a taxi, she too was never seen alive again. Her body later was found on the 3rd of April 1997 in scrubland north of Perth.

Her mother remembers, immediately fearing the worst when Ciara didn’t arrive home that night and receiving no peace from phone calls to her friends. She guessed that her daughter too had fallen victim to the same killer responsible for previous deaths. She said that she knew 100% that Ciara probably wouldn’t be found alive. Three weeks later, Ciara’s body was found by a bushwalker.

DNA was reportedly found on Ciara’s body – but no match could be found.

All three women had been seen at the local hotel, The Continental (now known as the Claremont Hotel), before their disappearances.

It was at this time that the police realised they were searching for a serial killer.

Hunt for the Killer

The local community was filled with a sense of fear for the safety of their kids, terrified to realise there was a killer in their midst. It was suggested at one point that the perpetrator may be a taxi driver as all three women had been looking for a way home after their night out and phone records had proven Sarah Spiers had called for a taxi. This led to many young women refusing to catch cabs and instead relying on alternative methods of transport or designating drivers amongst their friendship groups.

A police taskforce was set up. Code named ‘Macro’, the WA Police called in experts from across Australia and around the world. At Easter in 1997, thousands of WA taxi drivers were DNA tested and had their backgrounds extensively checked with no new leads found.


The public wondered why police were asking taxi drivers to submit a saliva test for DNA. Rumours circulated that Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon’s body had been partially ‘eaten’. Although this has never been disclosed by the police force.


There were suspects though. One such suspect, Lance Williams, a public servant, lived close to Claremont. He had been spotted regularly driving around Claremont at night, following women as they left the local clubs and bars. He was kept under police surveillance for several years, day and night, and although he was subjected to a number of intensive interviews, even failing a lie detector test, he has never been charged. He has not, however, been eliminated as a suspect entirely.

Other persons of interest included a taxi driver and tenant of the former Mayor of Claremont, Peter Weygers. Thorough investigation resulted in no evidence being found linking him to the crimes. Peter Weygers was also the mayor at the time of the disappearance/killings and was targeted by the victims’ families concerning the town’s duty of care regarding the security of the area. Mr Weygers had many investment properties, one being inhabited by an ex-taxi driver who had a few old taxis on his property.

Even Bradley James Murdoch, the man charged and jailed for the murder and disappearance of Peter Falconio has been investigated as a possible suspect.

In 2006, DNA samples were requested from UK officials for Mark Dixie (AKA Shane Turner), who was convicted in the UK of the 2005 murder of model Sally Bowman. WA Police later stated that although he had been a prime suspect, he had been thoroughly investigated and subsequently ruled out as a suspect.

Twelve years after Jane Rimmer’s disappearance, CCTV footage was aired on television of Jane talking to an unidentified man outside the Claremont Hotel, where she had been drinking that fateful night. Although Crime Stoppers received 150 calls in response, it proved unfruitful.

Who is The Claremont Serial Killer?

Estelle Blackburn, a Western Australian journalist, penned the book ‘The Age of Innocence’ where she speculates that her former partner who physically abused her and had access to a taxi, may be the Claremont Serial Killer.  It was the feature of an episode of Australian Story.

Although the case of the Claremont Serial Killer remains an active investigation, the killer has never been found and 20 on, it continues to haunt locals and baffle police. If nothing else, one important thing we have learnt from this and other similar occurrences, is that we should all, and in particular young women, be very aware of our personal safety when walking anywhere, especially at night.

CCTV Released to Public

In August 2008, Western Australian Police released CCTV footage of Jane Rimmer leaving the Continental Hotel.

If YOU know anything, let’s get this case solved.

If any person who may have any information in relation to the case has been asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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