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A Passion For Poison | Stay At Home Mum

A Passion For Poison: The Story of Josephine Tzany

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A Passion For Poison: The Story of Josephine Tzany

Master manipulator, Hungarian dancer Josephine Tzany, murderess from the 20s, was left broken hearted after having an affair with a married man, only to be unceremoniously dumped when his wife found out. Josephine was dealt a further blow when the wife of her lover laughed in her face after the affair ended. This led Josephine to develop to an unhealthy misandric fixation, essentially an obsession, with eradicating men.

A woman scorned, Josephine heard rumours that the wife of her former lover was having her own affair. Josephine made it her mission to find out who the man was and quickly placed him under her love spell. Unfortunately for this chap, Josephine’s only motive was to inflict pain and humiliation on his married former lover, just as she had done to her. This man became Josephine’s first victim, suspected poisoning the cause of his death.

To take her revenge against the wife one step further, Josephine did the unthinkable. She pounced and quickly seduced the son of the wife with a fiery passion as soon as he turned of age. Somehow, Josephine managed to convince her toy boy that they should commit suicide together by drinking poison, however she tricked him and he died in her arms, writhing in pain. In a cruel twist, she made sure his mother saw her dead son lying in Josephine’s arms. Not surprisingly, his mother was beyond devastated, had a breakdown and was sent to an institution.A Passion For Poison

Feeding her taste for eradicating men, Josephine continued to target married men with beautiful young wives. She would carefully select her target and seduce him until she had him right where she wanted able to persuade them that they must commit suicide together. She would pour two drinks, one laced with poison and the other not. They would each take a glass and gulp it down and she would sadistically watch her lover die in her arms in agony. At least eight men died in unusual circumstances while having in a love affair with Josephine.

However, one victim of Josephine’s died in a very public way. While out at dinner, Josephine feigned sickness and stood up, swaying as if she was about to faint. Collapsing on the ground, her lover rushed to her aid. She begged her lover to kiss her passionately which he duly followed her request. Little did he know, her lips were laced with poison and after their embrace, he collapsed and died in the crowded restaurant.

When Josephine was finally brought to justice against her evil actions, many members of the victim’s families attended court branding her a home wrecker. Rather than showing remorse, Josephine was proud that was able to get revenge for her broken heart on so many occasions. She laughed and taunted the families with the fact she was able to control these men enough for them to willingly die in her arms.  It was this fact, that the men willingly committed suicide, that left authorities puzzled about whether Josephine could in fact be charged with their deaths. It was last reported that while authorities were deliberating this, Josephine slipped away across the border into Russia.





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