Poisonous Vagina: How A Wife Attempted To Kill Her Husband with Her Meat Purse

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Poisonous Vagina: How A Wife Attempted To Kill Her Husband with Her Meat Purse

Poisonous Vagina” — it is something you don’t hear often in news reports.

For a woman to murder a man by offering sexual pleasure is not a new thing. But, this ‘deadly wife’ story about a sexy-marriage-turned-wicked is perhaps the most freakish way of trying to end a lover’s life.

Nothing takes the sex out of sexy like a bit of ooh-ahh in the who-haa, and that’s exactly what a Brazilian woman did in a bid to send her husband packing — for good. Although, her method of poisoning is not by kissing her victim to death, but by luring him to give her poisonous vagina a taste.

“Die Eating My Flower”

Perhaps, this woman’s desperate idea of getting rid of her husband is inspired by the American comic book fictional villain, Poison Ivy.

The idea of “Die eating my flower” by drenching a poison into her vagina is far from being a clever way to get out of marriage. Thus, puts her in the vaginal death row.

In the city of Sao de Jose Rio Preto, a 43-year-old man was ready to go down under to give his wife oral sex when he found himself somewhat comatose by the foul-smelling odour coming from his wife’s vagina. Alarmed with worry for his wife’s health, albeit also a tad suspicious, he rushed her to a hospital to seek medical attention. It was there that his wife’s plot and the case dubbed ‘Cunning Cunnilingus’ was revealed.

Plot to Have Him Killed and Divorce Issues

The brazen wife admitted to plotting her husband’s death after he denied her a divorce. Taking matters into her own hands, she laced her vagina with a highly toxic poison and then lured her husband into the bedroom for some deadly foreplay.

Little did she know that the vagina is highly absorbent, therefore injecting it with poison is likely to cause the killer as much damage as the person attempted to kill. The hospital tests revealed that the woman had enough poison inside of her to not only bury her husband – but enough to land her on top of him.

Lucky for her, her husband’s strong sense of smell got her the treatment that she, and her vagina needed.

Vaginal Homicide

Needless to say, the inundated husband will be giving her the divorce she was after, and in addition, if he decides to file a lawsuit, she will be facing attempted murder charges. According to a local police officer, vaginal homicide is a highly unusual crime that will require further investigation, and this is only due to the ‘nature’ of the case. Only then, will they have the grounds if any, to teach this wicked wife a lesson.

The entirety of his wife’s disturbing act had forced this man to keep his identity anonymous following his ordeal.

So to all the men who are coochie eaters, this should not discourage you from giving your woman’s pink fortress a sign of appreciation.

And well, for the woman involved. Surely, her vagina diner is closed until further notice.

What can you say about this woman’s wicked plot?

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