The Allison Baden-Clay Case

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The Allison Baden-Clay Case

The body of a woman was discovered on a creek bank under Kholo Bridge Crossing at Anstead in Brisbane’s west on the first of May 2012.

This body belongs to Allison Baden-Clay, 43 yr old mother of 3 young children and wife to Gerard Baden-Clay.

Allison Baden-Clay Case

Just 10 days earlier, Allison had been reported missing by her husband Gerard. It was treated then as a missing person’s case and not a criminal investigation. Police Superintendent Mark Ainsworth says that Gerard Baden-Clay is ‘not a person of interest’.

Days pass by with no sightings of Allison. A major incident room has now been setup at the Indooroopilly Police Station for investigation into Allison Baden-Clays disappearance.

April 24th 2012

Gerard Baden-Clay talks to the media outside his house.

“I’m trying to look after my children at the moment, we’ve got three young girls. We really trust that the police are doing everything they can to find my wife,” he said.

A caring concerned husband. Gerard appears with scratches on the right hand side of his face which he claims were from a shaving accident. Police photograph and document these scratches.

Allison Baden-Clay Case

April 26th 2012

Police seize bags of material from the Baden-Clay’s house and Gerard Baden-Clay’s office. It appears something is afoot.

The media is awash with updates and appeals urgently requesting information on Allison’s whereabouts.

Allison Baden-Clay Case

Days pass by and Gerard Baden-Clay releases a brief statement thanking the media and public for their support saying his priority is the welfare of his missing wife and three daughters.

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