4 Terrific Tanning Tips and Tricks

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4 Terrific Tanning Tips and Tricks

If you’re considering entering the wonderful but often overwhelming world of self-tanning at home, then do we have the story for you!

We caught up with the expert in self-tanning, St Tropez Skin Finishing Expert, Michael Brown, to learn his TOP 4 TIPS for achieving the ultimate, flawless self-tan whatever the season is.

So, here’s the low-down on avoiding that orange tinge.

1. Plan Ahead

Skin prep prior to tanning is absolutely vital. This helps to restore moisture and remove dead skin cells, which results in a more even application and greater longevity of your tan.

4 Terrific Tanning Tips and Tricks | Stay at Home Mum

TRY: St. Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Polish $19.95

2. Start At Your Feet

For optimal results, always start from the feet and work upwards when applying a self-tan. This avoids any creasing and streaks that may occur when bending down to reach lower areas once tan has been applied. For a seamless application, always apply with a mitt.

St.Tropez Tan Luxe Mitt Fake Tan BOP 800x800 600x600 1 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

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3. Keep Skin Hydrated

It is essential to keep skin hydrated after applying self-tan. Moisturising daily helps to ensure the tan lasts longer and fades evenly. To enhance your glow, apply Luxe Dry Tanning Oil on frontal bones where light hits naturally.

ST TROPEZ Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil 30ml conde nast traveller 19jan15 pr 720x1080 e1428511741309 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

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4. Top Up Your Tan

Enhance your tan with Gradual Tan Tinted. This product acts like a BB cream for the body and will help to conceal any blemishes to ensure you are beach ready.

4 Terrific Tanning Tips and Tricks | Stay at Home Mum

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‘To get the very best results, use a mitt with whichever product you are applying,’ says Michael Brown St.Tropez Tanning and Skin Finishing Expert. ‘It really does help achieve a streak-free, even finish.’

For more expert tips and tricks visit: http://sttropeztan.com.au

ST TROPEZ Bronzing Mousse

This mousse gives a deep tan, fast! It blends easily with their mitt and develops quickly into a natural looking tan. The technology in St Tropez is second to none, and the moisture boost this tan gives your skin makes it feel soft and beautiful.

Per-fekt Liquid Gold Illuminating Perfector

This is a gorgeous, easy to apply illuminator that has a nice light texture and is great for those on the go moments. It blurs imperfection and makes your skin look like it has a natural glow. Just watch your whites if you want to head straight out the door.

Tanning Tips For When You’re Doing it at Home

We all have areas of our body we want to hide away when we hit the beach or slip into that somewhat revealing dress.

Up the anti by contouring your body with different shades of self-tan.

Applying a self tan all over will certainly help disguise blemishes and even cover cellulite while giving you an all-over glow, but the right product, applied to the right body part, can enhance certain features and distract attention from others.

There are some great tutorials online so we won’t go into full details here, but think enhancement of cleavage, legs, buttocks, arms, the halo area of your face, and your stomach. The idea is to build coverage and add highlights to the areas your want to conceal or enhance, making your body look slimmer and more toned.

4 Terrific Tanning Tips and Tricks | Stay at Home Mum

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