Support When You’re Going Through Pregnancy Alone

Going through pregnancy alone can be a tough gig, but you can put support in place to make this time in your life easier and get you through the difficult times. Here is our list of five places to find support when you’re going through pregnancy alone.

Let your friends and family be there for you

There are going to be moments that you just want to share with somebody. Doctor’s appointments, scans and even shopping for baby stuff. Having a close group of friends and the support of your family to share stuff with is going be a great support for you in good times and bad. Sometimes, if going it alone is a choice, you may feel you are not entitled to help because you ‘chose this situation for yourself’, but let those close to you be there, you’ll need it!

Support groups

Support groups meet in person or online so you can choose your group to suit your lifestyle. Being involved with a group of women going through the same thing you are at the same time can feel very helpful. And in turn you will be supporting them also as you each offer support and advice during this time in your lives.

You may even just make some single mum friends, which you may need for the months ahead as they will understand you better than anyone. Don’t be afraid to make the first move and reach out to start a new friendship.Support When You're Going Through Pregnancy Alone

Select a delivery room support person

If the father of the baby is not involved and won’t be at the birth you need to think about who you will have there. You may feel more comfortable going at it alone, or using a doula or midwife to guide you through the birth. But if you want someone there with you, don’t hesitate to ask. It may be your mum, sister, close friend or whoever will make you feel the most comfortable.

Seeing the doctor

You’ll be spending a bit of time with your doctor throughout the pregnancy and they can offer a great range of support services if you are struggling. Whether you just need to talk through some issues or need a referral for counselling or other community support services, your doctor is a great place to start.

Single parent resources

It can be frustrating knowing you will be proceeding as a single parent and having to read item after item offering tips about lightening mother’s loads by ‘depending on Dad.’  Seek out resources for single parents online, there are many Australian websites devoted to resources and support for the single parent.

Although being your child’s only parent can be twice as challenging, it can also be twice as rewarding.

Are you a single parent? Who do you turn to for support?

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