200+ Slang Words for Vagina

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200+ Slang Words for Vagina

We have 200+ Slang Words for Vagina. Do you label your lady parts? Got a Moniker for your minge?

I have a friend who can’t bring herself to use, as she calls it, “Big People” words for parts of the body, especially ‘Down There’. She generally gives them ridiculous names that you then have to string together to get which part of her lady bits she is talking about. It’s kind of like a game of ‘Guess Who’.

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No, she’s not a host of playschool, she just generally goes varying shades of red if anyone dares to say the word ‘Vagina’, which I do like to slip into conversations just to see her squirm! So it has got me thinking, what do other women call their vaginas?

I had a look to see what the world out there calls their lady bits, some make you cringe and others make you wet yourself laughing. But most would warrant a slap in the face if anyone dared to refer to your va-jay-jay by that name!

200+ Slang Words for Vagina | Stay At Home Mum

Rhinestone Pubic Merkin from Etsy

The Slang Words for Vagina We All Know and Love:

TwatPrivate PartsNether-RegionsGirly-Bits
Lady-BitsSmooVulva (technically correct)Snatch
The Hooded LadyCooterBearded ClamClunge
Birth CannonPunaniPuntangGash
C*nt (hate that word!)MootMingeStrench Trench
Map of TassieMoundSlitTail
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Food-related Slang Words for Vagina:

A Ham SandwichRaspberry CaveThe Fur TeacupFur Burger
CrumpetHair PieBeef TacoTuna Taco
Furry TacoPink TacoThe Meat MassagerMeat Flap
Meat SleeveSoft Shelled Tuna TacoPastrami FlapsPeach
Pancake FoldBadly Packed KebabFrench Fry DipCalamari Cockring
Beef CurtainsMeat CurtainsPeaches and CreamThe Honey Pot
Roast Beef CurtainsVertical Bacon SandwichMeat SleeveFurry Flounder
Hair PieClack BeefSausage WalletBanana Basket
Punched LasagneHot PocketJelly Roll
200+ Slang Words for Vagina | Stay At Home Mum

Manky Cringe Worth Slang Names for Vagina

Penis Fly TrapStench TrapCock SocketToothless Blowjob
Dick DiverDick EaterSouth-MouthCock Sheath
Carnal CurtainsDick MicrowaveBikini BizkitThe Danny Devito
Cum DumpsterSlime WellAnal AlternativeJiz Creek
Horny HaloSemen LockerPiss FlapsWhisker Biscuits
One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple Penis EaterSperm JacuzziPimp’s PaycheckLesbian Lunch Box
Slobber PocketDick SlitPenis Parking LotCuntilocks and the Three Hairs
Erection Correction TrenchBone CollectorPecker WreckerHatchet Wound
Smush KittenPecker WreckerStinky PinkSoggy Box
Mangey MinceAxe WoundClown HoleCum Bucket
Dick WarmerPenis ParkMoose KnuckleThe Wizard Sleeve
The Cock SockGrowlerSperm BottleGoop Chute
200+ Slang Words for Vagina | Stay At Home Mum

Pop Culture Slang Names for the Vagina:

Puss-SayCloutSusanFuzzy Credit Card
Ariel’s Underwater Treasure GrottoSub-WooferFandangoHairy Potter
Fetus FactoryFoofCoochieSideway Smile
Tunnel of LoveFur PipeGrowlerFloss
Pink Velvet Sausage WalletWhat You Had for BreakfastBajangoThe Tampon Tunnel
Lady’s Low ToupeeThe Pink PortalThe Pink CanoeLawrence of A-Labia
The Panty HampsterThe Notorious V.A.G.VulvarineThe Red Wagon
Mum’s GloveboxMinkyArea 51Baby Cannon
200+ Slang Words for Vagina | Stay At Home Mum

Historical Slang Names for Vagina

In the days of ye olde, these were the slang words for vagina.

French Withered PearPie CornerNature’s Treasury Fancy Article
Aphrodisiac Tennis CourtRosebudMount PleasantThe Mary-Ellen
The Thatched CottageChapel of EaseTuppencePrivy-Counsel
Petticoat Lane Cunnie Lady’s CofferMrs Fubb’s Parlour
PorridgeCaseAltar of VenusPhoenix Nest
Placket-LaceNetherlandsRoad to Christening

Prison Slang Terms for Vagina

The Hairy HandbagThe Hairy PurseThe Prison Purse
Prison PussyThe Hair PieThe Hot Box
The Pocket BookCream PieThe Sin Flower

Sweet and Tame Slang Words for Vagina

VaginalandFoo FooFlowerKitty
Front BottomHoo HooFuzzyThe Cha Cha
Noo NooMinkeyLady VFoof
VahjootzThe Lady GardenTutti FruityNub
My MiniNuneeFlossyGina
Pool of MoisturePrivatesFajitaTu Tu
SheathYoniWet CurlsWizz
BitsLady JaneDownstairsFlappy
The Upright WinkThe Morris MinorPee PeeThe Hallway
Non-NaPink PearlGroinCrease
200+ Slang Words for Vagina | Stay At Home Mum
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Animal-related Slang Words for Vagina

BeaverThe Fox HoleHippo’s YawnPenis Fly Trap
Camel ToeBear TrapThe Bat CaveSnapper
Fish MittenFlap DragonRooster JawsTuna Town
Bunny TuftSnake Charmer

Slang Words for Vagina that sound like Mythical Lands

Cave of HarmonyAdams CaveAltar of LoveGates of Heaven
Lap LandWet CaveLady CakeThe Pink Fortress
oystervagina | Stay at Home

That’s only a few that are out there, I’m sure most people could add to those. As my friend is my inspiration for me thinking about my lady bits, it’s only fitting I mention what she calls hers! A NONO. I know, right! Sounds like she has a bad stutter. Imagine the confusion of the poor guy she’s with.

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Or worse still he might think she’s being kinky and wanting him to try it on with her Italian grandmother.

200+ Slang Words for Vagina | Stay At Home Mum

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