A Mouthful of Knob…

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A Mouthful of Knob…

You’re down on your knees, you both know where this is going. As you kiss up his inner thigh you can almost sense the feeling of being watched, but not by him, his head is thrown back with anticipation. It’s his friend, probably the thing he loves he most in the world; his dick. That one eyed beast, standing, straining for attention, for you to wrap your lips around it and take it in your mouth.

Now you don’t want to just dive in onto this throbbing stick too early, otherwise you might end up with lock jaw from being on it too long. Let it build. Sing its praises, tell him how big he is, and make some enthusiastic noises like you’re enjoying your favourite dish. The very thought that you are enjoying his friend and are so willing and eager to participate will drive him crazy and add to the build up. After all, he thinks a lot of this little fella, so why wouldn’t you be enjoying putting the thing that he pisses out of into your mouth?

At this stage you might get a bit of a slap in the face as he tries to coax you into taking his dick in your mouth. A good tip here is to keep a firm grip on the base of the penis, so it can’t take out an eye or try to plunge, confused, into your ear. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of a black eye from a rouge penis. Imagine explaining that to your friends or work colleagues; “Who hit you, was it him?” Well technical yes, but it was his dick that took my eye out. Not one of the finer moments in your life.

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the penises best mates that go everywhere with him; his balls. Men literally love you playing with their balls. If you’re up for it, try Tbaggin; for those that aren’t familiar, this is like sex karaoke. You sing, or rather hum, while his balls are in your mouth. It doesn’t matter if singing isn’t your strong point cause trust me, with a mouth full of balls, it really won’t matter if your singing ‘I will always love you’ or ‘ fuck me like an animal’. He won’t be able to tell and it’s not an audition for Xfactor, it’s all about the vibration on his nuts. I mean, you’re willing to put his hairy ball sack in your mouth, why not pass the time singing and make it through to the next round?A Mouthful

Now time to work on the main stick. Remember that little helmet on the top is very sensitive. Take your tongue and lick around the tip, try to keep the bald man visual out of your head at this moment. This is the time to get that moisture ready in your mouth, helps with lubrication. Now it’s time to do your magic trick and make it disappear into your mouth. Remember you’re not a porn star, we can’t all deep throat and there’s nothing worse than gagging or having your eyes water as you work it up and down. If you aren’t blessed with a big mouth, like some of us you can cheat. The fact that you have any of his dick in your mouth is a bonus for most men. Take that base hand and move it up to meet where your mouth can comfortably travel to, it will feel like you’re all over it.

At this point, most men will feel the need to try to give you a hand, a firm one, generally on the back of your head, just to make sure you are making full use of the potential of your mouth. That’s why that base hand helps to steady it when they feel the need to increase the thrusting as though they want to hit the back of your throat.

You know now then it’s nearly time to make a decision. This big boy is about to blow. Are you committed to the swallow, are you prepared to take all that love juice in your mouth and swallow hard? Or maybe do a porn star move and, rather than swallow, let it dribble out of your mouth trying to pull off that dirty, sexy whore look? Or you can release him from your mouth and let him come over your boobs and sell it off as sexy, as long it hits your tits and not your hair, because we all saw the movie ‘Something About Mary’ and that stuff is a bitch to wash out.

So ladies remember, giving a blow job isn’t rocket science. He will be more keen to return the favour, so it might be worth the effort!

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