A Rare Moment of a Baby Born Intact in Amniotic Sac

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A Rare Moment of a Baby Born Intact in Amniotic Sac

A baby born in an intact sac is considered an exceptional medical miracle. 

Indeed it is! A rare phenomenon called being born en caul, it happens every one in 80 000 births and is considered to be a sign of luck.

A recent video was released on Facebook showing amazing footage of a newborn infant in an intact amniotic sac. What’s remarkable is before doctors trim him out of the casing, the baby squirms and yawns inside the sac.

But nothing is more miraculous than seeing the baby breathe air and hearing his cry for the first time as doctors ease him out of the sac.

Witness the rare moment!

(Warning – graphic images)

Truly miraculous!

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