Baggage Handlers Lack Luggage Respect

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Baggage Handlers Lack Luggage Respect

Have you ever reached your destination, unzipped your bag and seen your possessions, that were neatly packed and placed, now in a tangled mess in your bag?

I’ve even taken my bag off the carousel and saw that the side was split and my name tags (attached to the handle) were missing! Watching this video I can’t help but wonder how many times my possessions might have been thrown into the back of a truck or even been dropped to the tarmac!

We like to think that the bags we check at airports are going to be safe in the care of professional baggage handlers. But at Luton Airport in England it’s obvious that most of the carefully packed suitcases won’t be returned to their owners in their original condition! I can see that there are hard deadlines at airports, but I don’t think throwing the bags around is the most efficient way to get something done.

This is particularly true in the case of this video because their careless attitude sees some bags fall out onto the tarmac, meaning more time needs to be spent retrieving them! Not to mention the damage to the bags themselves! The lack of customer care, which is obvious from this clip, is pretty concerning.

These individuals are handing personal possessions, the important things people take with them on the holidays they’ve had to save really hard for. We appreciate those who keep to deadlines and also take care of our stuff, but these guys definitely don’t! Do you have your own luggage nightmare story?

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