10 Ways Mums Can Make Money Using the Sharing Economy These School Holidays

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10 Ways Mums Can Make Money Using the Sharing Economy These School Holidays

10 Ways Mums Can Make Money Using the Sharing Economy These School Holidays!

The sharing economy is quickly becoming an important part of many Australian lives.  The sharing economy seeks to simultaneously give consumers more choice and affordability, while enabling everyday people to monetise their otherwise unused assets. Rather than owning goods, communities can peer-to-peer share, rent and borrow.

It’s estimated that at least 1 in 10 Australians are using the sharing economy as suppliers in order to boost their income. With the school holidays coming up, it’s the perfect time to find ways to boost your income, whether its to help with bills or go towards those holiday savings. Here are 10 ways mums can make money using the sharing economy these school holidays.

1. Rent Out Your Wardrobe

Mums know just how many clothes can pile up in theirs and their kid’s wardrobes. Women and girls in particular are guilty of buying a nice dress for a special occasion, wearing it once, then letting it sit in the back of the wardrobe. The next event rolls around and another dress is purchased.

The Volte understands this situation and aims to provide a solution to everyone. The Volte allows you to rent out your clothes, particularly designer fashion, to people who need an outfit for an upcoming occasion. These school holidays clean out your wardrobe and start earning some money back on those dresses.

Sharing Economy School Holidays | Stay at Home Mum

2. Fill Your Spare Space

Space is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity within our busy cities. Many people find they don’t have enough of it, while others have entirely empty rooms after their children have flown the coop. If you’ve found yourself with a spare room or an empty shed, you could be earning money from your spare space.

Spacer enables people to create an income from the spare space they have. Like The Volte, Spacer connects members of the community, encouraging the sharing of space. It gives those who need storage a local and affordable solution, while giving people to make money on their unused space.

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3. Turn Your Parking Space into Money

If you’re travelling through the holidays, it’s likely that you won’t be needing your driveway or parking space. Maybe that extra space out the front is always empty. The sharing economy has once again found a way to monetise your space, this time in the form of driveways and parking spaces.

Apps like Parkhound help commuters find people who are renting out their parking space. With the current state of parking commuters and travellers are constantly looking for ways to find convenient and affordable ways to park. Parkhound gives drivers piece of mind with pre-booked spots, and gives you a way to make money by simply letting someone park in your spot.

Sharing Economy School Holidays | Stay at Home Mum

4. Become a Pet-Sitter

Have your kids being pestering you for a pet for Christmas? Pets are a huge commitment and can cost a lot over the course of their lives. If you don’t want to commit to owning a pet, you could consider becoming a pet sitter and earning money while you’re at it. Sites like Mad Paws bring pet sitting to the sharing economy. For pet owners, having a local care for their pet can be much easier to do than boarding their beloved pet in a kennel.

Sharing Economy School Holidays | Stay at Home Mum

5. Mobile Massage Therapist

This one is a little more specialised, but if you’re looking for ways to earn more money, and are prepared to do some training, it can be quite lucrative. Getblys is Australia’s first mobile, on-demand massage service. You can become a therapist and travel around your local area, giving physical therapy to clients.

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6. Delivery Parcels

If giving massages isn’t, you’re thing, you can drive around delivering parcels. Zoom2U is an on-demand community of couriers. The platform connects people who need something delivered with couriers who have extra space for the package. The beauty of Zoom2U is that as a driver, you get to decide when and where you work.

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7. Drive in the Cash

In recent years, there has been a huge amount competition for Uber. Maybe you’re someone who loves chatting with new people. Shebah is Australia’s all-female ride sharing service. Women, both drivers and riders, can now enjoy the safety and peace of mind that comes with and all-female network.

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8. Find Your Own Jobs

The best part of the sharing economy is that it allows people to work on their own terms, whatever their skills are. No matter what your profession is, it’s likely that you can find your own work online. Job sites like Gumtree Jobs allow anyone to post a job, and anyone can apply. No more dealing with annoying recruiters or trawling through outdated job boards.

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9. Care for Your Community

As Australia’s population continues to age, and more and more people need some type of care, people are looking for new and innovative ways to address the issue. Home Care Heroes, for example, enlist “heroes” to care for people in need in their local communities. Heroes help the injured, elderly or those living with a disability, and then are rated by the community they serve. These school holidays you could give a helping hand back to your community, all while getting payed.

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10. Put that Camper to Use

Many Australians have campervans and RV’s that sit out the front of their home for 10 months of the year. Once again, the sharing economy allows people to easily rent out their caravan, campervan or motorhome to those who want to get away. It’s the perfect time to list your unused camper on Camplify in anticipation on those looking to go away over the holidays.

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The sharing economy is an ever growing area, with more and more community sharing platforms coming to the market. With over 30 sharing economy sites in the Australian market, there’s sure to be a sharing economy site that you can use, either to make your life easier, or as a way to earn additional income.

10 Ways Mums Can Make Money Using the Sharing Economy These School Holidays

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