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Unique Tea Blend Creator

Tea is so hot right now.  If you have a good palette for flavoured tea’s, why not look at creating your very own blend of tea and selling it for a profit.  For under $100 you could purchase a few teas to blend and keep the packaging extremely simple.  I’ve even seen tea blends sold in test tube containers which are super adorable. You could sell your new tea blend at a local market, on Etsy or just start up your very own Facebook Page.  Have influencers try your tea.

These are really popular ideas for wedding favours too!

You can purchase tea from reputable sellers (you must have top quality!) such as:

  • T2 Tea has teas and tools and also offers Afterpay.
  • Kusmi Tea is a luxury tea supplier based in Paris.

You can pick up clear test tubes with stoppers from:

Wrap them in bubble-wrap to post with a little twine tie and label – and you are set!

tea in test tube sold on Etsy | Stay at Home Mum
via etsy.com

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