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Become a Small Batch Gourmet Food Creator

If you are legendary at a particular dish, make the best chocolate bars in the world or have a cheesecake that your Mother would sell you for, then consider becoming a Small Batch Gourmet Food Creator!  Take a sample of your wares to various cafe’s and restaurants to show them what you’ve got!

I know of one lady that just makes her legendary Red Velvet Cupcakes here in Gympie, they are soooo good!

Some ideas for gourmet small-batch food ideas include:

How to Advertise for Clients:

  • Make your masterpiece and take small morsels around to the local cafes and restaurants to try.
  • Advertise on your local Business Facebook Pages
  • Approach gift shops and home decor stores to sell your items (with commission) on their shop counter.

13 Businesses You Can Start Under $100 | Stay at Home Mum

Where Can I Learn More?

When advertising your services online, it’s all about the images – making that food look as delicious as it tastes.  But food is tricky to photograph!  Here are some great online courses to look at to improve your food photography skills:

Food Photography Course | Stay at Home Mum

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