15 Weird Jobs That Actually Exist

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15 Weird Jobs That Actually Exist

It’s not always easy to earn money.

Sometimes, you have to do the craziest and most unusual things just to get a little more cash.

Whether you do it for fun, passion, or you really just need to earn money, expenses come when you least expect it, so it’s better to have some hard cash left in your pockets.

However, not all people can find a common day job. Some find something a bit left of centre to fulfil their needs for money, and we found some of them in this Reddit thread recently! Some are weird, and some are just a bit…..different!

1. Goat LessoryzNc0sH | Stay at Home


2. Old/Used Furniture Reseller

3. Personal Shoppergiphy 9 | Stay at Home

4. Research Subject

5. Plasma Donorgiphy 1 2 | Stay at Home

6. Product Tester

7. Used Metal Picker

giphy 2 2 | Stay at Home

8. Recycling Used Can Then Selling It

9. Oak Plank Seller

16563222 | Stay at Home

10. Putting Spider Skins in Picture Frames


11. Dumpster Diver

dumpster diver matt malone | Stay at Home

12. Sperm Donor

13. Coat Checker

Coat Check Services | Stay at Home

14. Sexual Content Writer

15. Life Modelling

| Stay at Home

Are you willing to do any of these weird jobs?


Untitled 1 3 | Stay at Home

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