20 Fabulous Jobs for Mums

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20 Fabulous Jobs for Mums

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There are more working mums today than ever before.

It’s empowering to see people coming into terms with the fact that mothers can do anything. We at SAHM recognise that, and it warms our hearts to see women climbing up the corporate ladder and achieving career success!

Jobs for Mums | Stay At Home Mum
This is us when we see you winning at life.

However, we also recognise that some mothers, especially mums of babies and little ones, need more options — flexible ones — to fit their needs. We know that there needs to be a balance between work and family, which is why we tried to look for the best jobs that can give mums the best of both worlds. Curious? Here are, in our opinion, 20 of the best jobs for mums.

Jobs for Mums | Stay At Home Mum

20. Customer Service Advisor

Customer service is one of the most popular fields of work when it comes to flexible and homebased job options. There is a good number of companies who seek homebased call centre agents — job descriptions range from collections to technical support.

19. Company or Freelance Writer

Content is king when it comes to many businesses. If you are a natural wordsmith, being a writer may be a perfect fit for you! You can either be employed by a company and write for them on a regular basis or work freelance, which means working for several organisations on an as-needed basis.

18. Human Resource Manager

Did you know that human resource management can be a flexible job? In the case of some companies, human resource management can even be done remotely. As long as you have the right software for recruitment and communication, this can be done.

17. Tutor/Teacher

Tutoring doesn’t necessarily mean teaching kids Math or Science. You can teach English to ESL students and foreigners. If you are good at crafting, you can organise and arts and crafts class. The possibilities are endless!

16. Project Manager

Project management may seem to be a complicated job that requires long hours at the office, but the great news is that with the advent of many reliable project management software that record projects, track milestones, connect team members, and help the team achieve goals.

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