20 Fabulous Jobs for Mums

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20 Fabulous Jobs for Mums

Jobs for Mums | Stay At Home Mum

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15. Career Coach

A career coach is someone professionally trained to offer people advice regarding their career decisions. You will need to undergo training, but most training programs are short and quite affordable. The training is also worth it because you will not only get to work at your own pace and time but also help people achieve their dreams.

14. Sales and Marketing Officer

A sales and marketing officer’s responsibility hugely has to do with meeting an organisation’s sales objectives. Usually, they make proposals, determine effective strategies, and reach out to clients and customers. With the help of the internet, all of these can be easily done remotely.

13. Life Coach

Just like a career coach, the main duty of a life coach is to help her clients improve their quality of life. There are several kinds of life coaching, including health coaching and relationship coaching. If you are skilled in bringing out the best from people, you may want to look into this.

12. Graphic Designer

A lot of graphic designers today are working from home, providing services to different clients. You may opt to work freelance or project-based independently or through an agency. You may also opt to be employed as a company’s remote worker.

11. Image Stylist/Consultant

If fashion is one of your passions, you need to consider this one! An image stylist or a personal stylist mainly has to make sure their client looks sharp and presentable always. A formal education is unnecessary, but certification improves a stylist’s portfolio.


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