20 Fabulous Jobs for Mums

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20 Fabulous Jobs for Mums

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10. Salon Manager

Many colleges and schools offer diploma courses for salon management, so if you are inclined to manage a spa, hairdressing, or beauty business, give those courses a try! A homebased salon will keep you busy but won’t take you away from your family.

9. Event Planner/Organiser

For someone who loves planning events and communicating with people, being an event planner/organiser is a fantastic opportunity. You need to be in touch with a group of service providers (you can organise a group of independent providers) to come up with the best gala for your client.

8. Therapist

Similar to salon management, schools also offer certification courses for those aspiring to be natural therapists. Courses include naturopathy, nutritional medicine, and Western herbal medicine. Being an independent natural therapist will allow you to work with a clientele on your own terms.

7. Novelist

Being a freelance or company writer isn’t the only career choice for aspiring writers. If you are into writing books like self-help books and chick lits, you need to try your hand at self-publishing. Many self-published writers made a name by selling their work on Amazon!


6. Proofreader/Editor

In connection with being a novelist, if you are not too keen on developing an entire book on your own, you might want to give a self-published author a hand. If you are good at grammar, spelling, and formatting, you can be a great freelance proofreader and editor.

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