How to Answer These 25 Most Asked Job Interview Questions

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How to Answer These 25 Most Asked Job Interview Questions

Applying for a job could be nerve wracking for anybody.

Employers look intimidating, your co-applicants look so self-assured, and you’re worried your resume doesn’t have that much meat!

The truth is, almost anyone can get an appointment.

But, how you do during THE job interview will determine if you’re going to get the job or not.

We, awesome people that we are, wanted to give you a heads up. So, we gathered 25 of the most common job interview questions with some hints and tips.

Hope you find them useful!

1. Say something about yourself.

How to Answer These 25 Most Asked Job Interview Questions

This is usually how the interview will begin, or sometimes, this becomes the ice breaker question. The interviewer is giving you a chance to talk about something that will make you feel comfortable to set the tone of things.

Avoid saying “There’s nothing interesting about me” or “There’s not much to know.” You are not on a date. You are a product. You will want to sell yourself.

Do not divulge very personal information, the interviewer wants to know who you are professionally. Stick to talking about your education, experience and future plans. Make sure you don’t sound too rehearsed or the interviewer will know.

Hint: Before the interview, choose 2 or 3 specific accomplishments or relevant work experience you had then relate how the previous experiences moulded you to be great at the specific job you are aiming for right now.

2. How did you hear about this position?

Make your answer short and clear as this does not need too much detail. You elaborated this on your cover/application letter, so focus on answering what got your attention about the job.

3. Have you heard about your company?

When asked this question, the interviewer is expecting you to already have researched about their company. How much you know about them will reflect how enthusiastic you are to be one of them.

Focus on their goals, mission or vision. How the product/service of the company affects the community.

4. Why should we hire you?

Now, now.. don’t be intimidated. Nor is it time to be shy. Again, sell yourself! Prepare an answer that will cover:

  • What are you good at?
  • Why you are an asset and a perfect fit in the company? And,
  • Why are you a better investment than the other candidates?

Most Asked job interview questions

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hint: You will want to see yourself (5 years or more) working in that company you’re seeking employment.

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