How to Answer These 25 Most Asked Job Interview Questions

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How to Answer These 25 Most Asked Job Interview Questions

16. What do you think your previous co-workers will say about you?

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Simply mention 1 or 2 dominant work-related comments that you received from your colleagues.

17. Why do you want this job?

There only two parts to your answer to this: 1) Because you are a great fit for the position (cite why) and 2) because the company’s goals are aligned with your own.

18. How long do you plan to work for us if we hire you?


Play along the lines of “As long as the company is satisfied with my efforts.”

19. Are you a team-player?

Another version of question # 4 (Read: Why Should We Hire You?). It is OK to repeat your answer and add that you are flexible and you get along fine with different kinds of people.

20. What is your philosophy towards work?

philosophy towards work

You’re totally alone on this. lol. Joking aside pick a really good Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein perhaps one by Oprah Winfrey or Tina Fey? quote and make sure to wrap it up by connecting it to a real work situation.

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