3 Reasons No One is Noticing Your Social Media PostsWhy isn't it working? Here are possible reasons.

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So you are doing everything ‘right’. But why is no one noticing your social media posts???!

You post on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest on a regular, consistent basis. But no one is liking or commenting on your posts. In fact, it seems that no one even sees them – what’s the go?  Well, when it comes to social media, if you want people to see your posts, there are a few tricks of the trade.


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We’ll go through a few here:

1. Facebook HATES Sales Posts

It totally does.  Which sucks if you own a shop or online store that has actual products! Even though it is the shop owner that is paying to advertise on this social network!

How to Get Around it?

Don’t sell to your audience – educate them, tell them stories and weave in your products!  Think outside the square when it comes to your social media posting.

For example – you have this dress for sale in your online store.

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Rather than doing the traditional ‘Grab this wine coloured dress, available from Showpo today for $69.96’, try ‘Feminine Dresses for Women Who Don’t Like Their Arms’.  This makes it more of a story, more readable – and more attractive to buy.  Plus, as it is a ‘story’, Facebook will give it more ‘value’, therefore showing it to more people in the Facebook Feed.  Plus the engagement should be loads higher.

So, problem + solution is the way to go when selling products.

Check out this article on ‘20 Summer Dresses for Ladies Who Don’t Want To Show Their Arms‘.  This is a good example of a sales post that adds value to the customer – keeps the customer on the website for longer and isn’t a pushy sales post.  #winning

2. Your Photographs Aren’t Interesting Enough

Social Media is full of pretty pictures.  Here’s tip – you don’t necessarily need pretty pictures to get noticed, you need INTERESTING photos.  Pretty pictures just blend in with the millions of other ‘pretty pictures’ in social media land.  Instagram is notorious for it. Scroll through an Instagram feed today and see how all the bikini-clad fitness models just blend into one another… Snooze!

So again, think outside the square.  How can you make your product photos striking, interesting, intriguing and therefore – clickable and shareable?

  • Choose bright colors
  • Choose models who are outside the square (redheads or plus size)
  • What is your model doing that will make you look twice
  • Don’t have too many ‘posed’ photographs
  • Big smiles make others smile!

3. You Don’t Let Your Customers Get to Know You

People, in general, are curious by nature.  They want to know who they are dealing with.  They want to know you are a real person, what you do, and how you do it.  So, when posting on social media – do the odd post on yourself or your staff.  Ideas include:

  • Staff Profiles
  • Behind the Scenes Shots
  • Pets always go well (see our photo below)
  • Special Occasions (birthday in the office)

This breaks up your social channels into sales driven posts and trustworthy posts.  And they go hand in hand.  If they trust you first, they will buy from you.


So don’t be scared to show your customers who you are!

These are just three reasons why no one is noticing your social media posts.  If you want a FREE no-obligation 10-minute social media analysis – contact Tenacious Digital today!


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