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Let’s face it; studying when you have kids is next to impossible. The moment you sit down to actually get something done, the kids wake up from their sleep, or they get in a fight, or they spill paint all over the floor, or they cover the lounge in toliet paper. We recently asked our SAHM Facebook fans if they have any pearls of wisdom to pass on to other mums thinking about studying from home. And boy did we get some great answers! So thank you to the amazing fans that helped make this post possible. Without further ado, these are our top 30 study tips from SAHM fans.

Keeping the Kids Happy:

1.  “Have snacks prepared for the kids that are easy to grab such as fruit cut up in the fridge.” Rachel VanHouts 

2. “Have activities that your kids can do with minimal supervision” – Chelsea Moss

3. Include them – “Read textbooks aloud to very tiny people to just connect with them while studying”- Sandra Mansell 

4. Set up a little desk and let him “do his work” while I do mine. It’s hard but will all be worth it in the end. Cheers to anyone else out there studying too. – Belinda Wright

5.  “Send them out into the backyard with a special picnic, chalk, bikes, etc for an hour or so” Janis Littleton

6.  “I try to save my reading for when my son is at home …. he sees me reading and imitates me and reads as well ( rather not be in front of computer when he is home – save that for when he is in daycare”- Belinda Wright

7.  “Don’t feel guilty about putting {your kids} in front of the TV for an afternoon if you have an assignment due or an exam coming up.” – Sandra Mansell 

8. “I wrote a lot of my Honours thesis by hand while my daughter slept in prams in cafés, it helped me to focus rather than surfing for distractions, it also helped with editing.” – Jessica Alexander-Lillicrap

9. “With my daughter she is 2 I put barbie or peppa pig on with snacks and I’m right to study.” – Sara-Mae Eades

How I Think Studying From Home will Be (1)


Getting Organised

10. “Being organised is the key. You need to have everything planned and ready to go before the semester even begins.” – Chelsea Moss

11. “Set a timetable and stick to it!” – Kianne Whittaker

12. “Organise to have someone to look after your children for a few hours here and there so you can focus your full attention on assignment work.” – Chelsea Moss

13. “Stay organised, pack for day care / school the night before, get your clothes laid out etc. These things all help.” – Alysha Cass

14. “Get to know your lecturers, they’re normal people just like you and I and when they know your situation you’ll find they may be a lot more sympathetic to your situation when you really need it.” – Alysha Cass

15. “Make sure you have a dedicated study area” – Kianne Whittaker

Staying Motivated and Distraction Free

16. “Commit to a study regime e.g. “I will study every night from 7-9pm when the kids are in bed”, regardless of how tired you are, when you have your degree at the end of the day it’s all worth it.” – Alysha Cass

17. “I try to leave my phone out of my study space to minimise distractions.” – Sophie Tetley

18. “Having a visual timeline/schedule/list of tasks helps to motivate me as I can cross off each one as it’s completed.” – Sophie Tetley 

19. 25. “Invest in a good set of headphones” – Cassandra Head

20. “I give my phone to my husband to take to work because it’s so easy to get distracted, especially by Facebook.” – Amelia Cocks

21. “My biggest tip  is stick to a routine and do a little bit each day, because when you put it off, even for a few days, it’s so hard to get back into it.” – Belle Coles

22. “Don’t try to do it all at once, 5 minutes 6 times a day is easier than a half hour all at once sometimes.” – Rachel VanHouts

23. “Know what your motivation is and take breaks”- Chelsea Moss

24. “Don’t procrastinate! As hard as it sounds, don’t put it off to the last minute. I’d work on my assignments even during my lunch break or get to work early to get some extra time to chip away at things. When I was a SAHM I utilised nap time or woke up early.” – Alysha Cass

Multitasking and Balancing Tips 

25. “Put lectures on iPod to listen when you go walking (if kids are in the pram).” – Rachel VanHouts

26. “Do the housework early in the day and then get an hour or so done a day whilst the little one is sleeping.” – Dee Smith

27. “Study when they are in bed or if hubby is free to watch them.” Bianca Rexhap

28.  Invest in a tablet “I got a 7″ netbook which I would balance either on my lap or on the arm of the couch while breastfeeding and I’d look at my lecture slides on that.” – Sandra Mansell 

29. “Have a day off once a week and dedicate it as ‘family time only’ it gives you a day to work towards as a deadline because you know you can’t study on that day.” – Alysha Cass

30. Use rewards: “Chocolate is Good.” – Coralie J. Gerhardy

Studying from home is all about staying motivated and finding the right balance. What tips do you have to add to the list? Comment below and we’ll continue to add them! 

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