5 Coronavirus-Proof Careers to Consider When You’re Ready to Work Again

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5 Coronavirus-Proof Careers to Consider When You’re Ready to Work Again

Being a stay-at-home mum is wonderful, and COVID-19 boosted the appeal of at-home motherhood immensely.

All of a sudden, staying at home with your kids became the fashionable thing to do.

However, mums don’t all want to stay home forever. Some of us want to return to work eventually or perhaps now.

If you’re thinking of going back to work soon, you might be wondering if there is anything left of the job market to return to. With many Australian businesses having closed their doors during the crisis, unemployment rates have been trending upwards in the past couple of months. While there are several industries that have been totally devastated, there are also multiple bright spots in the Australian economy right now. Let’s take a look at 5 coronavirus-proof careers to consider when you’re ready to return to work:

1.  Registered Nurse

Nurses are the heroines and heroes who work as part of a team alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals to coordinate care for the ill and injured.

Some nurses are generalists, but it is also possible for nurses to choose specialisations such as mental health nurse, geriatric nurse, community health nurse, surgical nurse or paediatric nurse.

On a global level, there weren’t enough nurses before the Coronavirus crisis began; and demand has remained strong for competent nurses since the crisis started.

In particular, in Australia, the shortage of specialist critical care nurses has become dire.

Do be aware that one or more nursing specialisations might not actually turn out to be totally coronavirus-proof; this is because some types of non-urgent surgeries and other medical procedures were halted to free up hospital resources for COVID-19 patients. Elective surgeries have been resuming, but it is possible that they could be shuttered again if we’re hit with additional waves of the virus in the future. Surgical nurses may not all continue to have consistent work if this crisis continues.

Academic Requirements: Nursing is a vocation that requires demonstrable academic credentials in addition to a high level of skill. Nurses need to have successfully undertaken a bachelor’s degree at a minimum. If you hope to become a nurse manager or nurse practitioner, a master’s degree in advanced nursing is also likely to be a requirement.

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2.  Care Worker

Aged care workers and personal care workers were in demand before the Coronavirus crisis struck, and the current demand for them is still strong.

Academic Requirements: There are no universal requirements for aged care workers; however, with vocational education and training (VET) training for this niche being broadly available in Australia, some employers may require a VET qualification usually a certificate III or IV in aged care or individual support.

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3.  Tutor

Tutors are educators who help their clients to learn specific subjects or skills, usually on a one-on-one basis.

Academic Requirements: Requirements vary. A tutor must be thoroughly competent and well-versed in whatever subjects s/he is tutoring. University credentials in the subject of interest are likely to be a requirement for tutoring university students; for subjects where VET training is available, holding a VET qualification may be a viable means of proving you have the necessary expertise to be hired as a tutor. Formal education might or might not be a requirement for tutoring younger students, depending on preferences of the employer.

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4.  Salesperson

Most businesses sell something products, services or information. Excellent salespeople facilitate sales and are a crucial part of most businesses. Sales ability is likely to always be in demand.

Academic Requirements: In Australia, VET courses are available to help salespeople learn the necessary skills. Some employers prefer to hire salespeople who have earned a VET qualification in sales.

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5.  Content Marketer

Some internet-based businesses rely on content marketers to do a multi-faceted job. First, they’re tasked with attracting potential customers to the business; and, second, they must educate people both existing and potential customers — about the company’s products and services. In some cases, a content marketer effectively fills the role of salesperson; and in others, the content marketer helps to pre-sell potential customers and encourage them to contact the company’s sales team.

Content marketing may be of particular interest to stay-at-home mums who wish to begin working from home. Some of these jobs can be performed remotely.

Academic Requirements: Requirements vary by employer and job. Many industries need content marketers, and content marketing jobs will typically require you to have specific knowledge of the industry you’ll be working in. Most marketing professionals hold at least a bachelor’s degree, although it is possible to find work in this field without specific academic credentials.

These aren’t the only possibilities for viable jobs post COVID-19; big tech companies are also hiring, and a tech job might be a good option if you have relevant skills or the desire to acquire them.

However, the jobs listed above are some of the best career options for mums who want to return to work after having taken maternity leave. Mums could easily succeed with any of these careers, and these are the types of jobs that are likely to be available. In contrast, you’d likely want to avoid seeking work in the industries that have been hit hardest by the Coronavirus travel, tourism, hospitality and the arts are several industries that are not doing much hiring as a result of the virus.

5 Coronavirus Proof Careers to Consider When You're Ready to Work Again | Stay at Home

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