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Everyone can do with a bit more extra extra cash for Christmas. Okay, lots of cash if we’re gonna be honest here.

With Christmas becoming more expensive than every before, even full-time workers are looking for easy ways to make some extra income.

According to Canstar, Australian Shoppers are expected to spend a whopping $50 billion dollars in the lead up to Christmas!

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If you have saved money every place you possibly can and are still stuck, that means you need to make more.

These 5 Easy Christmas Side Hustles are a great way to make some cash during the silly season.

Home Christmas Decorator

Did you know that loads of people loathe putting up their Christmas tree and Christmas decorations every year?  Why not cash in on this and offer this as a service. You can even offer a ‘Post-Christmas Decoration Take-Down’ too if you want to make a bit more after the silly season.

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What you will need:

A reliable vehicle and a good eye for decorating. Having a good stash of Blu-tac, pins and sticky tape would come in handy too.

How much can you make?

You could charge from $100 – $150 per normal house. Charge more for larger homes or commercial style Christmas Decorating.

Where to get work?

Put notices up on noticeboards around your home area, advertise on local Facebook Pages and do up some pamphlets and do a letter-box drop.

Approach local shopping centres or smaller stores and businesses for commercial work.

Make and Sell Christmas Lolly Sleighs

I know of one lady who made a small fortune doing this a few years ago!  Christmas Lolly Sleighs are a great gift and are pretty easy to make.  We have a great recipe for them on Stay at Home Mum, but for more designs, take a look at Pinterest.How to Make Chirstmas Lolly Sleighs | Stay at Home Mum

What you will need:

A good glue gun, access to a Chocolate wholesaler and ribbons.

How much can you make?

You could easily make $500 in profit if you sell to friends and family.  More if you can sell them through schools (the local tuckshop is a good one) or businesses.

Where to get work?

Advertise on your personal Facebook Page, and local Facebook Pages.  Approach schools to see if you can include an advertisement in the local newsletter.

Cater for Small Christmas Parties

Many smaller businesses have an intimate Christmas Party with their staff and families.  The last thing a small business owner wants to do at a Christmas Party is to spend the whole time in the kitchen.  If you love to cook and can do amazing snacks and desserts or tasting platters, why not look at offering small catering packages?

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What will you need:

A good repertoire of recipes.  If you cook at the client’s home for a personal Christmas Party, you don’t need to cook in a commercial kitchen.

How much can you make?

Charge per head, allow the costs for all the foods and allowing for your time, add a good 30% on top.

Where to get work?

Prepare some menus and prices and drop them into small businesses.

Make and Sell Christmas Cakes and Puddings

I buy my Christmas Cake every year, I can’t even fathom going to all the trouble of making one from scratch.  But if you love to cook and make an incredible Christmas Pudding, why not start taking orders for your wares before Christmas.  The great thing about this Christmas Hustle is that you only need to bake enough to fulfil your orders – just make sure you take a deposit first!

What you will need:

Check with your local Council, if you are selling goods sometimes you need to do this in a commercial kitchen.  Also, make sure you include a full list of ingredients.

How much can you make?

Well, that would depend on the quality and scale of ingredients.  But there is money in food, so work out how much each pudding costs and add at least 50% of that cost again on top.

Where to get work?

Small versions of puddings would be great to sell at local markets, advertise on Facebook Pages locally and Retirement Homes.

Here are some great recipes that you can try:

House and Pet Sitting Over Christmas Holidays

This is a great option for single people or young couples.  Families travel during the Christmas holidays, and that means that someone needs to be around to keep an eye on the place, feed and love the pets and to water the plants.  Why not offer your services as a house sitter?

What you will need:

Good references from people you have rented from before.

How much can you make?

It would depend on how much work you are expected to undertake during your stay.  Many arrangements are non-payment but you effectively get free rent.  If you can rent your own house out during this time, you can make up to $1000.00 per week on AirBnB or similar.

Where to get work?

There are quite a few websites now where you can list your services and clients can find you.  But also putting details on local notice boards would be handy.

Websites to look at for listing your services include:

As we think of more great ideas on how to make money, we shall add it to the list!


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