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In the modern world, entrepreneurs are more common than ever, and there are so many opportunities to start your own business.

So if you’re sick of looking for a job, or you want a change, why not start one today?

We’ve compiled a list of 96 ideas for little home businesses that you could start right now. All you need is a willingness to work, a bit of business acumen, and an ability to look for new opportunities at every turn!

Active Businesses

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via www.ymcacalgary.org

Swimming Teacher

Becoming a swim teacher in Australia is easier than it sounds, and if offers a flexible way to work, and stay fit, at the same time.

Mystery Shopper

Got a passion for shopping? Sign up to be a mystery shopper and do it every day!

Car Detailing

If you love cars and you’re detail oriented, this is the perfect business for you!

Dog Walker

Passionate about animals and exercise, a dog walking business could take off in your town!

Lawn Mower or Gardener

Not just a business for kids anymore, this is one task that people love to outsource!

House Cleaning

Become someone’s go-to clean guru and start a house cleaning business today!

Window Cleaning

If houses aren’t your thing, specialise in cleaning windows in offices and businesses!

Oven Cleaning

For expert oven cleaners, you’d be surprised just how much work is around for a pro!

Ironing or Washing Service

Who wants to do their own washing and ironing? Maybe you, if you were getting paid!


Love to cook and feed people? A catering business with the right mind behind is guaranteed to succeed!

Pet Grooming

Animals are adorable, and with just a little bit of training, you could be flexibly making money in your own home, or on the road, grooming people’s pets.

Mailing Services, e.g Junkmail

Advertising certainly isn’t getting less popular, which means there are always opportunities for delivering advertisings straight to the people.

Massage Therapist

You’ll need some training before you get started, but it’s a relaxing and fitness-enhancing business with lots of opportunities to make some money.

Pool Cleaner

Not everyone is an expert on pool cleaning, which is where you come in to save the day!

Fitness Group

For those with a passion for fitness, being a personal trainer means you can help people be their best self, while keeping yourself fit as well!

Tourist Guide

If you live in a tourist-friendly area, offering your local expertise as a tour guide can net both enjoyment and money!

Night Fill

An ideal position for making money outside normal hours, this is one business that starts itself!

Work at Home Businesses

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Home Day Care Mum

Start your own day care at home to balance your childcare with the needs of your community.

Home Furniture Assembly

Yes, people actually pay others to put their furniture together, which means if you’re an expert, you’re set!

Cooking Lessons

Got the know-how of a particular cuisine? Share your knowledge by starting up cooking classes, even in your own home!

Newsletter Writer

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with customers, but they don’t write themselves!

Nappy Cakes

Adorable centrepieces for any baby shower, this is one specific business that you might find a niche for in your local area.

Garage Sale Organiser

Whether you’re organising other people’s garage sales or collecting items to hold mega-sales, this is a perfect business idea for smart sales people.

Tutor High School Kids

Tutorial businesses never go out of fashion, particularly today, with kids more hard-pressed to succeed.

Dry-Cleaning Pickup & Delivery

You don’t need to know anything about dry-cleaning, just have a van and an ability for punctual and friendly service!

Cookie Maker

Got a love for cookies? Well, the good news is that people always want to eat them and if you get the recipe right they’ll be selling like… cookies!

Worm Farm

Worms are fantastic for creating rich soil and compost, and they’re so easy to grow! Get started on this wriggly idea!

Buy and Sell Cars for Profit

There’s a bit of risk associated with this one, but if you’re a smart buyer and a smarter salesperson, you’ll find it a cinch.

Holiday Organiser

Travel is a big money industry, and organising holidays as a travel agent is an easy way to make an interesting living.

Dog or Cat Breeder

For those with the right house and the right breed, selling puppies and kittens can be an investment that, although it starts slow, delivers.

Household Organiser

Not everyone is good at organising themselves, but if you are, then it’s a simple way to make a mint.

Elderly Caretaker

Old people don’t always have their families around to help them out, but if you have a passion for caring, then you can fill that space.

Home Decorator

If you have an eye for decorating and interior design, launching a home decorating business will be perfect for you.


You don’t have to have an entire factory to produce a product. Partner with a wholesaler and create a product that they can dropship anywhere in the world.


When you can sew like a pro, it makes sense to create a little niche business as a seamstress/tailor to make a few extra dollars on the side.

Used Book Sales

Some people are always collecting books. If this is you, why not make some money by selling those used books off at markets, lawn sales and more?

Gift Basket Service

Putting together gift baskets isn’t rocket science, but it’s something that you could definitely use to earn an income.

House/Bond Cleaning

A much more detailed job than a simple house clean, this is one business that’s for the seriously detail oriented.

Computer and IT Based Businesses:

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Ebay Based Business

There are so many opportunities to sell online, so if you have something to sell, but don’t have the money to have a store, opt for an Ebay shop and get started today!

Social Media Manager

Almost all brands have a social media presence these days, but small brands often aren’t able to manage their own. Advertise your services to several small businesses and you’ll be earning in no time!

Affiliate Marketer

If you don’t want to start your own business, why not help market someone else? Become an affiliate marketer and spread the word about a product from a company you love!

Teach Seniors Basic Computer Skills

Everyone needs to learn how to use a computer, but for seniors, there’s often nobody to teach them. You can help, and make some money at the same time.

Freelance Writer

For anyone with a passion for words and an interest in getting their name out there, freelance writing is a simple business set up that can net impressive returns.

Graphic Design

You’ll need the skills for this, but if you have them, graphic design is one business idea guaranteed to make you money.

Data Entry

Data entry might not be the most interesting job, but somebody has to do it and it’s a business that will always have a niche.


Love writing, photography and marketing? Bring them all together by starting your own blog, and with some hard work, you can make it a business.

E-commerce Website

You can sell just about anything online, so get stared today with an e-commerce website that makes it easy to market straight to your consumer.

Master of Ceromonies (MC)

For anyone with a smart mouth and a passion for public speaking, there’s money to be made as an MC for weddings, events and much more.


When you have a useful skill like bookkeeping, or an interest in learning to do it well, starting your business is sure to be a financial success.

Copywriting and Proofreading Service

With more and more companies and individuals opting to use outside providers for copywriting and proofreading of their marketing materials, there’s a niche market just waiting for you!

Online Internet Researcher

Not everyone is good at research, but if you are, then it’s worth getting out into the market and advertising those skills to companies awaiting your expertise.

Ghost Writing

For those not worried about getting their name out there, ghostwriting can be a lucrative and flexible business option where you write for other people.

App Designer

This is definitely not a business you would go into without at least some skills, but you can outsource everything as long as you’re a good people manager and networker.

E-Book Publisher

If you have a skill in marketing with a passion for networking and sales, you’d be well suited to the world of e-Book publishing.

Arts & Crafts Based Businesses

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Jewellery-Making Classes

For the creatives among you, particularly when it comes to wearing your art, hosting jewellery classes can be a fun and rewarding business to get involved in.


If you have the know-how, candles never go out of style and teaching others the art of making them is a great way to make some income on the side.


Making your own soap is much easier than you think, and if you’ve got the process down, and a teaching attitude, there’s money to be made in classes!


If paper crafts are your thing, then handmade cards are getting bigger than ever. Not to mention they’re easy to sell all over the world.


Calligraphy can be big business if you know what you’re doing, and your business could tackle anything from wedding invitations to calligraphy announcements and signs.

Colour Consultant

Not everyone has an eye for colour, but if you do, did you know you could start a business as a colour consultant? You help businesses with their colour needs!

Office & Administration Businesses

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Virtual Assistant

People love to outsource, and one of the easiest businesses to start in this niche is working as a Virtual Assistant, perhaps for a number of smaller companies that do not need a full-time assistant.

Personal Shopper

If shopping is your game, this is one business that you will love! Get your style out there today!

Justice of the Peace

You’ll need to complete a course to do this, but it’s definitely worth it if community service is your interest!

Messenger Service

If you live in a big city where people want to get things around faster than Australia Post, consider advertising yourself as a messenger service, for local jobs only!

Website Article Writer

There are so many websites out there that require written content in the form of articles, so if you’re a writer, this is an easy business to get into.

Food & Beverage Businesses

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Start a Fruit and Vegetable Buying Co-Op

A food co-op is essentially a business that buys high quality food for its members. They can be difficult to get off the ground, but are absolutely worth it.

Cake Decorator

If baking and decorating is your game, then cake decorating is a business that is skyrocketing in terms of clientele, and therefore cash.

Pet-Food and Supplies Home Delivery

There are so many niche markets around pet ownership, with food and supply delivery being just one amazing opportunity.

Health & Beauty Businesses

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Home Day Care Mum

If you love looking after children, and you have the right house for it, there’s always a market for flexible and affordable home daycare.

Beauty Services

For those with the knowledge and skills, beauty services are a flexible offering that will fit with most lifestyles.

Nail Technician

If you’re a nail pro, preferably with the certificate to prove it, get started on your own nail technician business today!

Hair Stylist For Teens

Teenagers have lots of reasons to get their hair styled, for school events and graduation, but often don’t have the money for a professional job. Fill the gap!

Makeup Artist

Makeup is not a skill that everyone is blessed with, but if you are, then there’s definitely a space for a small business!


Being a doula, or someone who offers physical and emotional support to women during pregnancy and labour, can be a challenging and rewarding business idea for the right person.

Children’s Fitness

Childhood obesity is a growing problem in Australia, so why not target the issue by providing child fitness classes to kids needing to get fit.

Outside the Square

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Buy a Vending Machine

This might not be a money maker at first, but if you’ve got the machine and you find the right place for it (or put it out as a rental), there’s definitely space to grow.

Pet Sitter

People love to travel and move, but their pets are not always comfortable with that lifestyle. Use your animal whispering skills to start a business as a pet sitter!

House Sitter

When people go on holidays, they want to know their house is safe and sound, which is why there’s lots of space in the market for a responsible, and affordable, house sitting business.

Rent Out Antique Furniture

Antiques are great, but people might not need them all the time. So if you have a collection of antiques, or you know where to get them, get started!

Home Delivery Service

There are lots of opportunities for home delivery services, whether you pick up bulky furniture or even groceries and take away.

Book Club Organiser

Book clubs are a great idea, but not everyone has the time to organise a successful one. That’s where you’d come in!

Costume Rental

Got a great collection of costumes, or love to collect them? Start your own costume rental and you’ll find there’s more to costumes than Halloween!

Nappy Service

People are loving modern cloth nappies, but laundering them is such a pain. That’s where the nappy service comes in, with a new business opportunity for you!

Public Speaker

If you’re an eloquent orator, with a nose for events in need, you can certainly make yourself a small income as a public speaker in your local area.

Seasonal Decorator

Love decorating for the year’s many holidays? Get yourself started as a seasonal decorator, offering Christmas, Halloween and Easter decorations to businesses and even residential homes!

Herb Farming

For those with the gift of a green thumb, herb farming is a great way to make some income on the side. Herbs take up less space than many traditional crops, and area easy to harvest.

Party Planning Representative

Party planning businesses operate all over Australia, but often, the best ones are assisted in areas they don’t always do business in by representatives, a.k.a. you.

House Stager

You know the photos you see in magazines of beautiful houses? Well, someone put those set ups together, and that could be a great business for you.

 Entertainment & Events

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Kids’ Party Entertainer

Kids are great, and if you love ’em as much as we do, you might be able to start a business as a kids’ entertainer for parties. You don’t have to be a clown either! You could be a princess or even a superhero!

Wedding Planner

Got a knack for getting things done? Wedding planning can be a hectic job, but for the right personality, it’s rewarding in more ways than one.

Party Planner

Regular party planning is a broader scope than just wedding planning, and can be a better option for those not wanting to settle into a particular niche.


Photographers are a dime a dozen these days, but it’s still a great business if you’re a skilled marketer and have a style that stands above the rest.

Film or TV Extra

You’d be surprised just how much money you can make as a film or TV extra these days, so get online and check it out!

Children’s Party Planning

Kids’ party planning is a totally different ballgame to adults’ party planning, but if you’re good at it, the market is clear.

Mobile Disc Jockey

DJs are a wonderful alternative for people who can’t afford a band, and being a skilled mobile DJ means you’ll have work all the time.

Videotaping Service

Videos, like photographs, are an essential part of us recording our lives, but we want to participate sometimes instead of record. That’s where you come in!

Do you have any other business ideas to add here?  Let us know!

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