Are High Paying Work-From-Home Jobs an Untouchable Dream?

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Are High Paying Work-From-Home Jobs an Untouchable Dream?

The image of the stay-at-home mum has been subjected to controversies and misconceptions for many years.

…but recent events have shown that staying at home doesn’t have to exclude reaching your full career potential and becoming the most successful version of yourself.

Especially now, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, Australia is beginning to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of teleworking, and we’re seeing more companies incorporating flexible work from home policies. 

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The WFH model has many benefits: it’s more convenient, it’s efficient, it’s flexible, and it can even help companies save money. In addition, working from home can be more lucrative than one might imagine.

When thinking about working from home, many women picture small, occasional jobs that only make pocket money, but there are plenty of examples of work from home jobs that pay more than the average salary

 If you’ve been considering making a career change, but financial prospects have been holding you back, here is a list of high-paying remote jobs that will help you make up your mind. 

Blogging/digital content creator 

Remember the days when blogs were little secluded corners of the Internet with just a handful of followers? Now, blogging and digital content creation, in general, have evolved from a hobby into a full-time career with extremely profitable potential.

Starting with nothing more than a blog, a camera, and a social media profile, not only can you gain a massive following, but also get rich in the process.

What content should you create? Anything, really. The good thing about the Internet in 2020 is that there’s a niche for everything, so whether you love beauty and fashion content, like Chloe Morello, or travel and food content, like Tara Whiteman, you can consolidate many brand partnerships. The not so good thing about the Internet in 2020 is that the content creator landscape is pretty crowded so, if you want to stand out, you’ll need to develop your unique style. If you’re committed, you can even use your platform and following as a ramp for your business, like Emily Weiss did with Into The Gloss. 

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A few decades ago, not only were there very few women in finance, but the idea of a woman having a successful career in finance while working from home was just fantasy. Fortunately, today’s stock trading and Forex trading landscape have lower barriers to entry, and, as long as you’re diligent enough to document yourself on the best trading strategies, there’s no reason why you can’t make it in this “boys club”. You don’t need a background in finance to start investing, nor do you need fancy trading equipment. Just be sure to arm yourself with information and find a good broker. 

Forex brokers regulated by ASIC offer a high leverage cap, so this can be an excellent point to start your journey. To avoid rookie mistakes, there are many platforms where you can seek online mentorship and even develop a long-term investment strategy for your family.

The average salary for a trader in Australia is AU$90,689, but keep in mind that your earning may be lower at the beginning of your career. 

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If you’ve been working in a certain field for several years and gained plenty of experience, you can work from home as a consultant. This is one of the most flexible remote jobs because you can work for a company, for an individual, make your own schedule, and decide for yourself how many clients to take depending on your free time.

If you have an MBA, it’s also possible to be hired by a consultancy firm that allows you to work from home.

Although you can be a consultant in pretty much any field, these are the ones that pay the most: 

  • Management 
  • Strategy 
  • Financial and retirement planning 
  • Human resources 
  • IT 
  • Accounting 
  • Marketing

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Digital marketing 

Nowadays, any respectable business has a website and profiles on popular social networks. It also relies on channels such as ads and emails to generate leads, boost conversions, and increase online visibility. All of these fall under the umbrella of digital marketing, which is one of the most in-demand fields. 

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, the demand for digital marketers is growing at such a rate that there are more jobs than people with the necessary skills to fill them, so if you want to start work now, this may be a good career for you. 

Another key advantage of digital marketing is that most companies don’t want to hire someone in-house and they’re okay with collaborating with freelancers who can work remotely. This means that, apart from Australian companies, your pool of potential clients can also include large firms in Europe and the US. 

One thing that you have to pay attention to, however, is that digital marketing is a complex field that can include many things, from social media management to ad marketing and content creation, and not all of them pay the same. For example, working as a social media manager requires less experience, but it also pays less than content marketing and SEO. On average, an Australian digital marketing manager makes AU$79,260 and freelancers have similar prospects. 

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Handmade crafts 

This job may seem like the odd one out compared to all the other “digital” options on the list, but that doesn’t make it any less lucrative. In a world of consumerism where most things are mass-produced in questionable offshore factories, people are rediscovering the beauty of unique handmade items, whether those objects are baby clothes, scented candles, jewellery, homeware, or beauty products.

The business of DIY is booming online, so if you’re a creative person who loves making things from scratch, now is the time to seize this opportunity.

The initial investment is very low: all you need is a website and some basic supplies. As demand grows, you can scale up your business and, in time, you can even ask your spouse or kids to contribute. It may sound idyllic, but many successful women-led companies in Australia started at home.

Are High Paying Work-From-Home Jobs an Untouchable Dream? | Stay At Home Mum

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