Job Interview Dress for Success Tips

It is an unfortunate fact that first impressions matter and what you wear and how you present yourself at a job interview will count. You could be the most qualified and the best for the position but it if you are not presenting yourself in the right light, this may not matter. So here are some  job interview dress for success tips for mums returning to the work force.


Wear heels if you can walk in them – but not six inch stripper shoes.  Choose a colour appropriate to your clothing.  Closed in shoes always look neat and tidy.  Make sure you get out the old baby wipes and give them a good clean to remove scuff marks, dust and mud. Polish them if they need to be.  Darker colours are always the most appropriate, but as long as they look nice – you can get away with colours (nothing outlandish!).  If you have saved some money towards investing in outfits to impress a potential boss, put some money into your shoes – they are truly a workhorse part of your wardrobe!


Tame the birdsnest.  Make sure your hair is freshly washed and you have spent time on styling it appropriately.  If you have really long hair, wear it up in a ponytail or neat bun.  Try and avoid braids, hair extensions and weird fashion cuts.  Keep the colour natural and if you have grey regrowth, grab a home kit or get it done at the hairdresser to neaten it up.  Spend time on your hair and make sure it suits your face and is appropriate for the job you are applying for.

If you have really curly hair, it’s fine to wear it curly but put some product in it so they are neat curls.  Don’t let fringes hang in your eyes – grab a bobby pin or wear a neat hair band.  When in doubt, ask your Mum – Mum’s will always err on the side of caution.

Clothing:Job Interview Dress for Success Tips

What ever you choose to wear, make sure it:

  • Fits Well
  • Is Ironed (can’t stress that enough!!!!)
  • Isn’t low cut and your boobs are on show
Make sure the colour suits your skin tone and again that it is appropriate to the position you are applying for.  Once you have chosen an outfit – try sitting down in it – does the skirt come up too high – or can you even sit in it?  If you are wearing a skirt or dress, wear pantyhose – they just look professional (yes even if it’s hot!).
If you can, scope what current employees wear and make sure you look better than they do!  Look like you went to a lot of effort!
Jewellery and Accessories:
Less is best.  A nice set of earrings, wedding rings (if you have them) and a classy watch is appropriate.  If you have a complimentary piece of jewellery to suit your outfit – then go for it provided it isn’t too outlandish or takes the emphasis off you!  Make sure your bag is neat and tidy and matches your shoes.  Keep it simple.

Other Important Details:

  • Make sure your nail polish is fresh and not chipped (including your toe nails if you aren’t wearing closed in shoes).  If you choose to go polish free, give your nails a good clean and perhaps even a buff to make them look nice.
  • If you have a tattoo that is obvious – cover it up!  Let them see you for your talents rather than your ink!
  • Make sure your clothing is stain free.
  • Take a spare pair of pantyhose in case you ladder the first pair.
Remember to walk in with shoulders back and a big smile on your face.  If you look good and feel good – it will come across in the interview!


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